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Dinner Tonight: 7-2-2021

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Hi everyone. For tonight’s dinner, I had a baked potato, green beans, gluten free fish sticks, salad with parm. crisps, walnut raspberry dressing and a gluten free cookie for dessert. The meal was 80 total carbs.. A serving of fish sticks is 5. Everything was really good and I enjoyed it.

What did you have for dinner tonight? 😀👍

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Hi Leah,

Your dinner is so scrumptious and wholesome. 😋👍

Love walnut vinaigrette dressing goes with salad.

We will have GF fish sticks tacos and mango salsa for tomorrow with a side salad and plenty of fruits all day Saturday.

I’m glad you treat yourself to cookie tonight as I am too. 😁👍

Thank you for sharing your wonderful dinner with us! 🤗🙏🌺

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to GreatMindfulness

Hi Koko,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thank you for the reply! :-)

Yes, the walnut raspberry dressing for the salad was really good and is one of my new favorite flavors of dressings, now. :-)

The fish sticks I had go really well with mustard to dip/have on top. The baked potato wasn't too big, so that was a good thing.

The homemade gluten free cookie was a great idea for an after dinner dessert. Very soft and not too big/had a lot of carbs. in it on its own. :-)

Not too sure what tonight's dinner plans/menu will be, but when I find out, I will let you and everyone else know later. :-)

Hi Leah,

You’re welcome and don’t worry when you reply late since you have many things to take care. Hope everything is well taken care now. 😁👍

I love the taste of walnut raspberry salad dressing too. 😋 This makes me wanna make some new salad recipe today. 🤔

We had GF fish sticks tacos and mango salsa yesterday, so delicious. 😋

A small baked potato is absolutely healthy and delicious with the right amount of good carbs👍

We love homemade cookies treat for dessert, no store purchase, they just load up sugar.🙅‍♀️

Thank you for sharing your healthy diet with us! 🤗🙏🌺

Sounds very delicious and nutritious I love it ☺️ it looks amazing 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Hb2003

Thank you for saying that about dinner last night. It was really good. :-)

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Hey what a great dinner you had I had a baked potato with a nice big salad with cottage cheese. I love the sound of you raspberry dressing on a gluten free cookie...😁

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Thank you, Jerry for saying this about last night's dinner. I really enjoyed it. :-) The fish sticks came out really nice and crisp. :-)

Oh so tasty Leah. I love what's sometimes referred to in UK as a 'baked spud', as it's an easy and yummy accompaniment to lots of meals or even good on its own as the star of the show. Your whole meal sounded great, unlike mine which consisted of probably the worst ever fish and chips I've ever eaten from a local fish and chip establishment I hadn't tried before and won't ever be trying again. I mean really bad. Afterwards I did what I should have done in the beginning and read some reviews, many of which, as it turned out, agreed entirely with me. 😖🤢

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Good morning sue that's a shame about your fish n chips luckily we found a good one in town Fry's in veg oil not animal fat and m supermarket cafe are good round here in hull I'm trying to get up to make pikelets beans scrambled egg but pixie decided to get back to bed after waking me at 5.3o I had this yesterday brunch left over fried mash nice with cheese grated 😊🙋😸check the floor 😸click to see full size beans on it too not on floor 🤔😁

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That looks tasty Mandy, and I see that Pixie's not too far away, as usual! 😻😻

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Thanks well here's my ginger cake I had just now with my furr napkin lol 😁😸

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

Awe, Sue! Some places out here are like that now and then, too. You go someplace that you liked before or hadn't been to in a long time and think it hadn't changed with their food, but then you get there and start eating, then it's the total opposite. Sorry to hear about last night's fish and chips.

The baked potato had light margarine on it and went well with the green beans/salad.

Hi Leah sound looks lovely I can eat walnuts as not too crunchy love fish I have fish fingers as we call them I have jacket potatoes often love with grated cheese I'm having breakfast soon been hungry ages but pixie decided to finally get back to bed so having lye in with him cats are lovely but they don't cook and I need breakfast in bed lol 😂😊😸

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Thank you, Mandy. I really enjoyed everything last night. I really like having salads with my dinners when it's possible. Depending on what we have tonight, I may have another side salad. Will see what is on the menu and let everyone know when I can. :-)

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Hi Leah I've added some more photos to my post noticed you saved it it took.a while to find them I'm hungry now lol yes I love salad I like corriander on a salad and all sorts beetroot avacado radish mam grows as it's kinda soft I love big vine tomatoes I have one a day when there at there best this time of year and spring onions or red onions u can't digest red peppers but there good too the lists endless like fruit lol I had green beans on my salad last week at pixie birthday b b q and I'd have grated carrot and raw spinach but can't chew properly so no for me ☹️England's on footy match boring so I posted at last 😂🙋😻🤗🇬🇧

You had a delicious meal that I would have enjoyed myself. Did you make the fish sticks or were they store bought?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Imaaan

We got the fish sticks before last night. We have some for another night coming up. :-)

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Imaaan in reply to Activity2004


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Hi Leah,Your meal sounds tasty. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Zest :-)

Looks yummy 😋

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