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My organic gardening hobby 6

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The yeld is almost gone!! Due to seasonal changes.

Broad beans and chilli still yielding, I had enough raspberry for dessert with plain chocolate.

This gardening is really beneficial for me

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That looks lovely! Knowing you’ve grown it is a good feeling, isn’t it? The chillies look fab😊

They look really good Bluelady, all we have left now is some potatoes and beetroot. 🙂

Your lucky, we had some beets, not much

We didn't get to eat all we grew as something ate a lot of them before we got the chance to pull them!

That all looks very lovely, I really like the look of those chillies, they look so fresh and we love chillies in our house..Great that it's beneficial for is for me too 😊👍

Happyman4 what fo you grow,?

I show you a tiny bit of it in my garden...look out for my nex post..😁

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Hi Bluelady-sing your hone grown organic gardening has paid off as this all looks so healthy and vibrant and I’d be very happy if that was my crop.

I also agree that growing our own produce is very satisfying and rewarding so you enjoy your efforts as I for one am very impressed. 🌶 😊

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Bluelady-sing in reply to Jerry

I just wish it was more sustainable, in the winter crops are so low, not enough to freeze either ( for low crop season) blackcurrant did not grow any fruit, the soil quality and sun, climate plays it's part.

Yes I grateful for the yeld we still get, even if its tailoring off

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Those veggies look really lovely, so glad your finding it beneficial 🙃

I think that having a hobby you like makes you feel so much better, and makes you happier!

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