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Healthy eating with Acid Reflux and IBS.

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What should i eat and not eat if i have acid reflux and IBS. Recently i have been having this nausea vomiting kind of feeling too. I am not sure about which food will trigger my internal organs. Need help!

Any suggestions?

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Hello tinaghosh07 here’s a link about with foods that may help

I don’t suffer with it myself so can’t help further so good luck and welcome to HE I hope that you enjoy being a member of our friendly community.

Jerry. 🌈😊

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tinaghosh07 in reply to Jerry

Thank you 😃

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gasp1 in reply to Jerry

Morning. A lot of it is going to be trial and error what effect some does not effect others. I have gerd and have found that a plain simple diet works best for me. I tend first thing in the morning before I have anything is to eat a small banana I find that this puts a lining on my stomach and helps reduce the acid.Breakfast I normal have overnight oats made with skyr and frozen fruit something like mango or black cherries with half tea spoon of honey and also a teaspoon of chia seeds

Lunch I would have a sandwich made with sourdough bread I find that this is better for me than shop bought normal bread

And for tea I would have a normal meal with veg or salad etc but would avoid onions garlic basil and coriander which appear to be my triggers.

I have also found eating smaller portions seem to be better as is easier for stomach to break down rather than eating to much.

If I get hungry in between I’ll snack on fruit water melon etc which again works for me.

A lot of it is finding out what food triggers it for you and avoiding them.

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Hi tinaghosh

I have IBS and have found that the Low Fodmaps diet has been very helpful in controlling the symptoms. Perhaps you could ask your doctor about this?

Tomatoes, and tomato products, butter..They cause such acid for me it burns my oesophagus

And anything chocolate in the evenings sadly wakes me up with acid in mouth, feels like I going to choke.

Omeprole ,alleviates it slightly but I’ve had this from teens, to now 73, so think I’m stuck with it.

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