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Green tea?


Anyone drink green tea or something similar and have recommendations? I’m looking for something that tastes good, has a bit of caffeine, and maybe aides in weight loss/metabolism (which I think most green tea does?)

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If you do want some caffeine, Green Tea is the way to go. Most major tea brands make great Green Tea, so you can't go wrong.

But when it comes to weight loss/digestive support, Ginger Tea or Lemon Ginger Tea is popular (ginger in general is great for digestion). The downside is that these are typically non-caffeinated herbal teas. The only caffeinated Ginger Tea I have seen is by a brand called TenRen.

laurenlynn in reply to CJasmin

I hadn’t heard of ginger or lemon ginger tea, thanks for the recommendation!!

As for green tea, it’s always hard for me to find some I like because I like it so sweet haha to where it’s unhealthy 😭

Mottsie in reply to laurenlynn

I love my ginger tea with a tiny bit of honey and l believe it helps my old joints... also enjoy Tumeric tea for my joints... at least my hip is feeling better! (Not sure either of these help with wiegh loss.) Coffee is my morning caffeine drink of choice but l have a cup or 2 of green tea around 3 in the afternoon. Good luck finding what works for you... thank goodness there are many choices. Granni B

Hi yes green tea good but is high in caffeine so I don't drink much as I it can sometimes cause palpitations I've been ok since on h r t strangely enough so think it was hormonal I ways drank strong tea before menopause I like chamomile as is relaxing and heeling on stomach my mam was given a tin of mixed teas my friend likes red bush I think you can benefit a lot from teas just get the pallet used to them and ginger is heeling too you need to be careful with herbals if certain health issues so I'd check them out first good luck 🌝

Hi I dont want caffeine so use Twinings decaf green tea which I enjoy. If you dont want to make your own the Twinings Lemon and ginger tea is really nice.

Are you looking for brand names or flavors? I also love lemon ginger teas. There is a brand called Tazo which I love. Particularly the flavor they call Zen which is green tea, lemongrass, and a touch of spearmint.


Hi laurenlynn I've recently been drinking a tea called 'Green Balance' which describes itself as an 'ayurvedic blend with green tea, lemon grass, peppermint' which was by Yogi Tea Organic, and I like the taste. I looked at the ingredients and it mentioned it's Green Tea with Herbs and Kombucha (which surprised me, as I hadn't realised that).

Whatever tea you try, I hope you enjoy it.

Zest :-)

I drink warm green tea in the mornings since my cancer diagnosis and I believe it has helped me in my cancer a d to also calm my stomach from my Crohn's disease. I ready a lot of positives about green tea specific. Keep fighting...

I drink Rooibos tea, morning and evening, other herbal teas in between. I drink green tea at lunch time, but put a slice of lemon in, as I prefer the taste like that. It did take a good while to get to like green tea! ( I really dislike normal tea, for some reason it tastes like cod liver oil to me, went off it when I was about 18,61 now!)

Aldi green tea very reasonably priced

I like Japanese green teas but can't get to an Asian supermarket at the moment so have been drinking Clipper.

Super Green Tea (Immunity) Matcha and green tea blend, Echinacea, and Elderflower. from The Republic of Tea ...I drink this every morning with a little lemon or lime juice. I order online a packet of 250 tea bags, that’s how much I like this tea.

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