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Trying Tuna Steak.

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Off the back of watching the Better Brain Health documentary, I wanted to add more oily fish to my diet and decided to try some tuna steak.

I was expecting dry on the outside and raw on the inside but this was absolutely delicious!

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Hi MintTeaMascara

Wow, it looks great. I love tuna steak.

Zest :-)

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MintTeaMascara in reply to Zest

So nice.

Thanks Zest :)

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Hey what a delicious healthy salad very appealing MintTeaMascara so nice one. 😊

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MintTeaMascara in reply to Jerry


Do you follow a vegan diet, Jerry?

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JerryAdministrator in reply to MintTeaMascara

Hello MintTeaMascara no I'm a coeliac and a vegetarian but I have eaten meat so can look at others meals objectively for what it is regardless of my needs and choices and you make some lovely dishes and thats a fact! 🌈😊

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MintTeaMascara in reply to Jerry

👍 Always good to be able to look at things objectively.


Tuna steak has been one of my favourites since my French friends introduced me to it (they did it on the barbecue)

Sounds delicious on a barbecue too.

Good job you had French friends to introduce you :)

Baby our ginger tabby is extremely envious of your tuna steak!

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MintTeaMascara in reply to

She doesn't need to be envious 😊 She sounds lovely.. I'd of saved her some if I could

Hello to include Omega six and three useful for essentials fats found in oils and fish.

Want to use tinned Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Pilchards.

Use them with good mayo Sandwiches.

Can also use tinned fish with Pasta sauces make yourself or use a jar.

Use Tagliatelle, Farfalle.

Just simple Pasta easy add end of sauce .

Add Fennel Seeds Lemon juice.

Or use in Omelettes of Frittatas.

Or use with toppings bake baked use Sweet Potato microwaved.

Add mix together seafood sauce.

One teaspoon of Tabasco, One Worcester, Good Tablespoon Tomato Ketchup use good one .

Not Heinz can be others Organic Biona, Maggi there are others some with Chilli and so on, useful.

Add good Mayo has to be .

Mix add touch Lemon Juice use bottle use and stir mix with tinned fish or spread on toast hot.

Some ideas for you used to buy fresh fish and also frozen too awful and not good.

If you wish to buy fresh fish find a fishmonger on line.

Look for ideas Oily others Trout often too expensive shops or Mackerel.

Can get Mackerel frozen worth it lovely cook from frozen or defrost then cook.

Quick meal tip oiled tin foil. On a baking tray. Add in tin foil any good Fish slices of Lemon sprinkle season with Fennel Seeds and season generally .

Salt and Pepper.

In tin foil wrap up preheated oven fan 200 for half hour might have to adjust timings.

Serve with salad.

Simple one. Red Onions sliced add diced Peppers any.

Use Red wine Vinegar soak Onions in less harsh to taste then make dressing can use any of the Red Wine Vinegar as part of the dressing.

Tomatoes diced. Dressing olive oil good one virgin and lemon juice.

Used splash of each not drenched to coat.

Season of course.

Oily fish strong so need some thing to cut through .

Spanish Italian types Salads do help here.

Some bread and butter with meal .

Pleasure to meet you

Please ask me any questions happy to help.

Please take care.


Okay, thanks :)

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Contax in reply to MrRigatoni

I'm hoping we keep our waters and fishing so UK fishermen can rebuild and we get more fish at a cheaper price, in late 60's used to go to Grimsby docks each week and get cheap bundles of fresh cod to take back for us and our friends to freeze. We need to learn to make better use of the less know fish, there must be plenty of ways to cook things like herring which the EU countries steal from our waters, more fish would be good for British health, over 20 years ago had a wholesaler friend I did IT jobs for and got paid with large boxes of shark, tuna and swordfish steaks, they were lovely but expensive to buy, also got big boxes of frozen big thick coley great microwaved in a tomato sauce.

Things have definitely changed. It's good to get responsibly sourced, wild and sustainable fish if we can.

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MrRigatoni in reply to Contax

Hello I agree thank you for sharing..

One supermarket many moons ago wanted to ask have these fish used to have to get frozen..

These fish all available used to be not now..

Some fresh ..






Black bream


Trout was reasonably cheap now excessive prices..

Mackerel can get frozen but not cheap.

Really sad in the country The UK has a massive amount of fish species we just eat Cod Haddock..

Italians, Spanish French all come and take our products for there own use..

I think we ate more fish healthy and losing weight crazy UK madness sky high prices...

I eat tins of Tuna Mackerel and Salmon most costly tins ever so do buy unless have to..

I found also most of our fish is caught and then exported to other countries mentioned..

Why ???

Would you be kind enough to post a link to the documentary?

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MintTeaMascara in reply to

Sure -

in reply to MintTeaMascara

👍 thank you

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