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Binge drinking problems

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Has anyone solved this prob.? Please help.

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Hi and welcome to the Healthy Eating group, Pixiebobcat. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting anytime, asking questions, reading and replying to other member's postings/comments, take a look at the Topics/Events/Polls/Pinned Posts, etc..

HU has a group called Drink Free that you can take a look at and also join. It's

Click on the link for the Drink Free group and click Join/Follow button. I hope this helps! :-)


You're most likely to overcome it if you find others who've been through it.

Perhaps find some local alcoholics anonymous groups (it's not that I'm calling you an alcoholic, but you will find support from them) for some help. For example, a tip they use is to have a boiled sweet when you find yourself craving a drink.

I agree with Cooper. I personally am a binge drinker and as of 1/1/2020 am alcohol and drug free, in part thanks to AA. Personally I struggle with the religious aspect of the group but the comradery and support is invaluable to me. And they are having meetings virtually right now which is a huge help.

Hi thanks I don't want to stop drinking I can just have a few I only binge if upset or sometimes if have too much in I wouldn't mind trying the AA chats but aren't they alcoholics I need to manage my emotions better when I'm upset I'm going back to regular meditation thanks for advice, take care stay Safe

Yes thanks I'm just not sure with the virus I havnt had a drink for 2 nights I fell over the cat after a bottle of wine I'm in a lot of pain bruised ribs it has put me off drinking but I wish I could have a few glasses in bed to help me sleep through the pain I've got a muscle relaxant tablet I got for my anxiety which helped me I don't like taking tablets at the moment there probably safer than alcohol

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Hi, I too suffer from anxiety, could you tell me the name of the tablet you are t

Aking, please, would be very grateful. Thank you.

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Hi amitriptyline was prescribed by doctor originally to my mam as it's a muscle relaxant and helps sleeps it really relaxed me I asked my doctor and she gave me prescription I don't take them regular as can have side effects and I worry about my liver with drinking a lot on a binge I havnt drank now for3 nights these tablets are also for depression and anxiety but in a higher dose although the ten m g does really relax me I have got a c d meditation and find it helps to deep breath focus on your breath and say calm in your mind on breath out, also if you think of one good thing about your day and focus on that and all the good things in your life let me know how you get on .


I also think watching comedy helps anxiety I watch live at the Apollo when it's on and it helps having a pet but I'm always on alert now of falling over my cat as he is always at my side and me falling over him drunk has been a wake up call that I need to stop binge drinking

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Thank you so much, Pixie, I have tried these, unfortunatly did not work for me. Of course we are all different. It is very kind of you to reply, we are all looking for something ( or someone ) to help us . Really wish you well.πŸ‘ 😊

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Hi actually the best thing for anxiety I have found is swimming there's somey about the blue colour and especially at Woodford east hull n the old pool the glass roof let's sun in I foccused on the rippling of the water and rainbow reflections the swim relaxed me and made me feel health foccused and not want to drink as often hopefully be able to go again take care stay safe

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I stumbled across an article about the 4-7-8 breathing technique and, intrigued, decided to try it.

It helps me get to sleep but I understand that it can also be used for anxiety.

It also helps in those β€˜count to 10’ moments when someone irritates you and you need to hold back before you say something you’ll regret (or maybe slap them. Ha, ha!i).

If the link doesn’t work just type β€˜4-7-8’ into Google.

Hope this helps!😊

Hi thanks I will have a look now and try it.

Thanks I did it I loved it it's all about getting the mind used to turning to the alternatives like this instead of self destructive unhealthy things take care, stay safe

Glad you like it! 😊

It's very difficult as outsiders to offer solutions because we don't know what your perceptions are, your responses, your processing, and what you're really thinking.

The best solutions always come from within; because you know you, you're more likely to buy into them.

Better to concentrate on what you will do, rather than what you won't e.g. what will I do to cope with stress?

God bless you.

I am foccusing on the hurt I caused my family by the state I got in from my last binge drinking I could have died or ended up in hospital I keep trying to be positive but as I've had lot stress passed couple years I had to leave my house due to rats coming from a nebours drain which were in my kitchen ceiling it took ages for her to get the drain mended I had flies dead rats and crying in caring the most upsetting thing as I hate hurting living creatures I would go in every day having to get loads of flies out then I had black Beatles I ended up living with my mam and ended up with post traumatic stress my house doesn't feel like a home and when I tried to go back I felt shaky and despondent and ended up getting drunk my house is up for sale I went to medytation classes it helped but I'm never consistent I know it's the way forward now

I mean the rats were crying in ceiling the baite man would come every fortnight to poison them and rat droppings would come down

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Please try and meditate each day . Even if you just do 5 mins . It really helps to get up , maybe a cup of tea then sit . You will gradually come to want to and can buildup period you sit . SO worth persisting .

Take care

I think meditation is the way forward. You don’t need to go to a group you can do it in your bedroom. There are loads on YouTube. Also change your routine in the evening if you drink in the evening. Swop alcohol for something else as it easier to give up something if you replace it with something else. Good luck.

Hi thanks I do have meditation c d went to Buddhist class do yoga too but I'm not consistent since my fall and painful ribs I havnt been interest in drinking been having chamomile tea or cocoa and chocolate I'm inconsistent with meditation I had a Paul mackenna cd did every night but it doesn't play now, the Buddha class one is more focussing on breathing and my ribs hurt too much to deep breath I still listen to it though before sleep I have been thinking though I would love to relax my pain away with a couple drinks and sleep straight away Its hard at moment as can only lay on left or back with pillows under I'm living with my mam issolaty together but the cat is under our feet a lot and dangerous I I won't have much alcohol in anymore I want to come off the pain relief and give liver a break don't help much either, do you meditate, take care and stay safe

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