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I eat soup almost every day, its one of my fave types of food.

If anyone has any good recipies would you please post them on here..

Thank you. :D

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Hey I love soups and we have a topic section healthy soups please see:

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andybee99 in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

I downloaded this cookbook from the pancreas foundation, it’s free, I have cooked several broths and soups,

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to andybee99

The recipes sound good, andybee99. Thank you for sharing the website with everyone.😀👍

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JerryAdministrator in reply to andybee99

Thanks andybee99 these look good 😀

What do you like in soup? favourite proteins? Must have animal proteins? Are you eating a special diet?

I love making soup but often start with what I have for other meals. For example, I made an huge pork roast and now am making a texmex soup with pep pers, corn, beans, etc. Often my soup intends to be a gallon but ends being 2. But, it's fun to share!often

It's a creative challenge for me, what can I make today?

Your handle caught my eye. I appreciate handyman tasks and have renovated several homes personally doing lots of handy woman tasks. Do you do residentia l? Industrial?

Welcome! Maybe see you over in "Soups".


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I like good hearty soups but I prefer more vegetables than meat.

My weight isn't to bad, maybe a pound or two to lose, I'm not on a special diet, I just like healthy food 99% of the time.

The tex mex sounds good and I think we all make more than we plan, it can keep in the freezer if not eaten.

My handle, oh I do stuff at home, today I'm looking at taking a fence down...

You are a handy woman, you do the whole house then?

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OilpainterUS in reply to Hidden

I do the whole house as much as I may. I take a lot of delight in the learning and doing. Light electrical to stripping an entire house woodwork, installing cabinets, and so on, give me a lot of pleasure.

Making my own concrete fireplace mantle from a mold I made was my most recent project. It was 7 pieces, rather large and ornate. The concrete casting gave it a cool, contemporary vibe.

Designing and building custom homes (design and oversight-nothing hands on) was my business for 15 years until I had to stop for health reasons. I miss it but doing my own projects or flipping a house or two each year helps.

Are you employed in the trades? Do you live in the gorgeous UK? I watch Dermot Bannon, the architect in your ITV. He's fabulous and makes me want to move there every show. I

Nice to connect. I miss My business very much.

Now, back to soup! 😋

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You know a lot of stuff.. Amazing!

I used to work in furnishings and I am in the UK..

Im not in the trades..

Do you still do this kind of work?

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OilpainterUS in reply to Hidden

I know a little about a lot of things. 😉

You used to work in furnishings? That's cool - and could be window treatments to custom furniture. Are you retired or just in a different career?

I will do work for special clients and select a house or two each year to flip. My own homes need work and this next year will be devoted to them and my art.

You said you draw? Charcoal? Pen? Landscape, still life? Do tell?

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Not retired yet, still a while to go until that happens, I don't think I'd want to retire. I'm in a different line of work now.

So you are still sorting out these houses, that's great it must be really interesting, I bet you wouldn't want to stop doing it.

I haven't drawn in quite a while but shouldttry again with all this spare time. Pencil portraits.

How long have you been oil painting?

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OilpainterUS in reply to Hidden

I doubt I could ever retire, either. There's too much to do!

It's great fun to build or renovate homes, I'll never give it up. I don't do as much hands on as I have arthritis but that just gives me more time to design (or drive my contractors nuts! 😉)

I've been painting for about 15 years. I enjoy landscapes or seascapes primarily and participate in plein aire competitions. Painting in the UK is sublime. I may look for a houseswap next winter. It would be grand to spend a couple of months there painting.

Portraits are difficult! I admire you that. Do you have models or use photographs? I prefer sculpting people to drawing or painting them. You have to develop a real intimicy with the subject when drawing or painting them. Sculpting doesn't make me feel quite the same.

I have turkey bones in the crockpot (made a nice 13# turkey today to help feed a couple of male friends who are relying on McDonald's and Burger King for food! They only cook toast! ) to make a white bean chilli, curry, and likely soup.

Have a great Sunday and happy soup making!

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15 years, you must be really good at it, but you prefer to sculpt whuch is interesting..

I would draw from photographs, what about you, photos or models?

Why do you say the UK is sublime for painting?

I used to set up a lot of show houses, which meant starting in an empty house and leaving it fully furnished and decorated.

I to have arthritis so have to be careful these days with what I do. But life is still great 😊

Enjoy your Sunday.

I love soup too and make it several times a week. I must admit I rarely use a recipe and tend to just make it up as I go along. Favorites are based on lentils, with carrot and sweet potato, broccoli and spinach or leek and potato. Today I made a creamy potato and kale soup. It was similar to leek and potato but I didn't have any leeks so substituted with the kale.

A while ago I made the Thai Coconut Milk soup that Northlondongirl posted which was really delicious, but I put salmon in mine, maybe someone who can do links could post the link for it? Jerry ?

Sounds fabulous!

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How did it go with the kale?

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sunny369 in reply to Hidden

surprisingly good. I will do it again :)

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Hidden in reply to sunny369

Ok, thank you 😊

I'm curious about sunny369 kale, too. This recipe sounds interesting.

I don't tend to use a recipe for leek and potato, just make it up. I suppose I more or less fry some onions in butter, add quartered potatoes, good stock, a shake of garlic granules and pepper. Cook for a bit, add sliced leeks, cook till all tender and it tastes nice, add plenty cream to taste, check if it needs any salt and more pepper, and serve.

Yesterday I didn't have leeks but I had a bag of chopped curly Kale, which I used instead of the leeks. I tore off any really thick, tough stringy bits and left them out, the rest of it wilted down nicely. Made me wonder why I haven't used kale in soup before, I will probably be chucking it in everything now :)

Fantastic! Thank you, sunny369. My BF loves kale. Your use is great! Thank you so much for posting this. 😊

I saw your other posts. You are bored!

What other home projects are you doing?

Perhaps you want to climb Everest on Subtle_badger thread in LCHF? They are on day 4.

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Hidden in reply to OilpainterUS

Well I have been out at shops, plus I took a fence down in my back garden.. Having a break now, grass cutting to be done. I also washed the patio.

Not bored today! 😀

Learn to make healthy nutritional soups by Rebecca Katz - they are amazing ...look it up on her website n YouTube . Currently until 1st April she is promoting soup recipes with no cost .... very interesting n easy to make (also using kale)😊

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Hidden in reply to Guds

Will look into it, thank you 😊

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sunny369 in reply to Guds

my brother used to make some Rebecca Katz soups for a friend of his who was ill with cancer as they were super nutritious, comforting and easy to eat. He fed me a few of them at the time and they were delicious, but I had forgotten about them since then. I must ask him if he still has the book he was using and borrow it from him.

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Hidden in reply to sunny369

Cant you find Rebecca Katz recipies online?

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sunny369 in reply to Hidden

just googled her and yes, she has recipes online, but I must admit I am a bit of a bookish girl :) and I remember now that there were some delicious soups in that particular book.

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Hidden in reply to sunny369

To be honest i prefer books too, you should get that book out.


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sunny369 in reply to Hidden

I'm going to borrow it :)

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Hidden in reply to sunny369

Photograph some of the recipies using your phone ;)

Hi Hidden soup is also one of my favourite foods! I make a big pot every week. Yesterday I made vegetable soup. I will post a pic once I reheat it for my lunch 😁

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I also make a big pot every week or sometimes two pots and have them for lunches.

I look forward to seeing yours 😊👍

The best way to make soup is start with an excellent broth.

I save the bones from roast chicken and beef or actually any bones. I put them into a very large zip lock bag and add vegetable ends like onion, celery, asparagus, carrot etc. This gets popped into the freezer and when I have two or three large bags full, I place the bones and veg into a large stock pot and add whole peppercorns, extra onions and garlic cloves, a bay leaf or two and enough pure clean filtered water to fill the pot. Cover bring to a boil and simmer for 8 to 12 hours on low. I do this outside on a hot plate as I don't like to smell up the kitchen.

Allow to cool .

Next day - Strain the bones and veg. and you should have a really delicious rich broth. I freeze the broth in quart size jars being careful to not fill too much and allow for expansion. Plastic containers also work, but I don't like plastic. Your choice.

Once you have this delicious broth add roasted squash, cauliflower or leeks and potatoes, some seasoning, puree all and you have the most delicious soup. I don't add any thickeners but rely on cauliflower or potatoes to thicken.

Recently I have started to use the broth to make Asian style ramin noodle bowls. You need to add ginger and garlic , some spring green onions ,soya sauce and a little hot chili pepper. Add some chicken and homemade or purchased egg noodles and you have a wonderful, aromatic soup.

Hope this helps a little.


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You know your stuff.. 😊

Hi, an easy and delicious one is broccoli soup, just saute - in a little olive oil - a roughly chopped onion (and possibly a little celery or other diced veggies and herbs) with salt and spices (cumin, coriander, pepper, whatever) , then add the cubed broccoli (including the stems but saving the florets for later) and a couple potatoes, also diced. After about 15 minutes add the florets and shortly afterwards cream it all up with an immersion blender, just be careful to eyeball the right quantity of water so the soup is not too watery. I read that some people serve it real hot with a slice of goat cheese on top, but in my family we are strictly Vegan so we can't do that. Sometimes we top it with a little homemade vegan Parmesan. Try it !

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I'll have to try this, thanks a lot 😊

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4 sweet potatoes, 1 leek, 1 veg stock cube. Add water, boil for 20 mins, blend and enjoy!

1kg carrot, slice to 1inch pieces and roast in the oven for half an hour, put in a pot and add veg stock, half a can of coconut milk and a couple of tsps of curry powder, boil for 20 mins then blitz.

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Excellent, thank you. 😊

Fresh Tomato Cream Soup

Blend in blender a few seconds, then cook in saucepan until thickened, stirring constantly, or it will scorch.

2 cups milk

1/2 tsp salt

1 T flour

This makes a white sauce, the base for the soup.

Put in blender container:

4 medium sized ripe tomstoes, coarsely diced

3 sprigs fresh parsley (can substitute dried flakes of parsley if you don't have fresh parsley.)

1 tsp sugar

2 slices of onion

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Blend until smooth then add the tomato puree to the white sauce in the pan, stirring comstantly. Serve hot.

If not seasoned enough to taste, add more salt, pepper or even a little more sugar. Sugar helps with the acidity from the tomatoes.

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I love it!

Thanks for this... It's one of my faves 😀

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