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Hi lovely people i just heard i have cholesterol so need healthy eating recipes. Thank you for adding me.

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Hello mahirul1 welcome to the forum if you want to lower cholesterol you want to eat natual wholefoods with lots of fruit and vegetables so that you get plenty of roughage and nutrients from your food, you also want to get as much exercise as possible. It's foods high in LDL cholesterol especially processed foods and saturated fats, that are well worth avoiding.

It also depends on your dietary prefernces and needs, we have many topics and healthy recipes so good luck and thank you for introducing yourself.

Jerry 😊

There’s a lot of hype about ‘high cholesterol’ when in reality the most important things are the HDL to LDL ratio and the level of your Triglycerides! I have familial high Cholesterol and do take a very low dose Statin that I will drop in the next few months because my levels have improved dramatically since I stopped drinking alcohol and ate more healthy. I follow 2 days vegetarian, 2 days vegan and the other 3 omnivorous; works well for me!

FatbuddyHigh Risk

Please post your lipid profile results. Depending on how high and for how long --

you should go for Vertical Lipid Profile OR Cardio IQ blood test.

Eat 1 oz walnuts a day for next 30 to 45 days - and also eat more raw garlic.

This will lower TG, Cholesterol and increase HDL.

If too high --try this -

Make fresh juice of lemon, ginger, garlic and add organic apple cider vinegar and water

One cup each --total five cups. Combine all in a pot and heat on stove. Bring to boil

and lower heat too simmer - until it becomes 4 cups - then add one cup organic raw honey

and mix well and let it cool. Then fill up a bottle and keep in refrigerator.

take two table spoons every day until all finish. Check cholesterol again.

Repeat once every six months.

Soup is very easy to make, you do not need a recioe, just experiment with any veg. spices sauces. I make a different one every week and it has helped me lose weight.

Fatty foods should be avoided, Eat plenty of soluble fiber, eat lots of fruit and vegetables instead of making it you should try to eat raw green vegetables and fruits. Do exercise daily to reduce the effects of cholesterol.

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