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Return of the milk round

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Hi everyone,

I think that this is really interesting how the milk round is making a big comeback in the never ending consumers fight with rejecting plastic, plus they use electric vehicles so all very green and eco.

I guess we've also got used to home deliveries so having fresh milk delivered in bottles is appealing. So do any of you our members have milk delivered please?

Here's the article:

I can get my retro milk bottle rack out of retirement now...😊

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Very interesting article!😀👍 My grandparents had gotten milk delivered in glass bottles years ago to their home.😀👍

Hi Jerry

We need to go backwards to come forwards i.e. saving the planet. Fruit and vegetable shops are another good thing, I worked in one many years ago and the only plastic we had was when they started bagging potatoes.

Bring it on I say. I might not consume dairy but I do think this is better than the supermarkets who drive prices down.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

They have bottled milk at some Farmers Markets.😀👍

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Great news as it sounds nice and fresh. 👍 😀

in reply to Activity2004

Now that's good.😊

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to

Bring it on indeed Alicia...👍 😀

in reply to Jerry

Definitely Jerry😊

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Matt2584Star in reply to

“We need to go backwards to come forwards”... sounds like something similar I would say when sometimes you need to go up in order to come down... when I say that I am referring to certain puzzles though :).

In some cases we do need to go backwards to go forwards like with the milk bottles and so on but when it comes to a lot of human beings, they are not advancing in life but are heading back to the stone age when referring to common sense :).

You might not drink dairy but you can have oat milk delivered to you.

I am guessing they may add more alternative milk choices in time?

And if this reduces the amount of CO being pumped into the atmosphere then that is even better :).

I think milk men/women will hit supermarket sales hard but I can see already that they will fire back with cheaper alternatives?

in reply to Matt2584

Thank you Matt and we really do need to.

I would love to see the return of local shops and I do think that local farms have hit back reasonably well with their organic veg boxes but unfortunately the supermarket is still winning on that with their prices.

I didn't realise you could have oat milk delivered, things are changing.

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Matt2584Star in reply to

I’m sure it says in the article Jerry posted that they also deliver oat milk.

My friend is now selling her own brand of oat milk and is doing her own deliveries as well.

So many shops where I live are closing down.

Our town used to have numerous pubs that are slowly but sure closing down and becoming housing.

I would also love to see more local businesses rather than these big chain supermarkets.

With local businesses, not only do you get to buy things out of the ordinary but you also get staff members with more of a personality.

“The lady in the pie shop is a lovely person” but with the staff in most supermarkets they all seem to act alike.... robotic.... who wants that.

in reply to Matt2584

Ah right, I must have missed that.

That's good your friend is selling milk, what a good idea.

I much prefer local and prefer to go in a shop than go online.

Towns and cities are becoming almost derelict apart from coffee shops.

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Matt2584Star in reply to

I do admit that I do shop online, sometimes you have to, but I would prefer not to and plus with the packaging, the item is usually lined by unnecessary amounts of plastic when you could go to a shop and get the same item without all the gumption.

My friend’s oat milk is stored in glass bottles, uses organic oats and cashews (as she has other flavours of oat milk) and they are fair trade when possible, and she uses filtered water as well.

She has an original oat flavour, cashew and oat and cashew, oat and coconut (I think it is).

I have tried the original oat flavour and I didn’t think it tasted that great.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really like the taste of tap water. I prefer coconut water.

But the unfiltered tap water was pretty much all I could taste and I let my mum have a sip and she said it was vile haha.

I think I will enjoy the oat and cashew ones though as the cashews make it creamier.

This was a thing, she wanted to add cashews instead of having the unnecessary rapeseed/vegetable oil.

Yes, towns and cities are becoming more residential and you have to go out of town to go shopping sometimes. And like you say, more coffee shops.

It’s ok for the owners of these cafés to be making some money (especially if it’s an independent business and not a big chain café like Costa) but with more cafés and coffee shops comes more refined sugar and apparently the town I live in is the fattest town in UK.

Is it any wonder when you got so many cafés?

in reply to Matt2584

Nothing wrong with admitting you sometimes shop online as it's not always possible to get everything you want from a supermarket. I have noticed that more and more places you buy from online as using cardboard, a lot of places seemed to have stopped using plastic and polystyrene thankfully.

I have glass bottles which I use to store my filtered water in, I then place them in the fridge. I've made oat and nut milks before but am following a very strict diet at the moment and once I know exactly what I can eat I'll be going to making my own milk and it's more than likely going to be oat - I have a nut bag. Unfortunately my tummy doesn't tolerate cashews which is a shame as I love them.

Funny how we have different tastes as I cannot stand coconut water. I only ever drink filtered water. A very good idea to add the cashews for creaminess, wish I could have them but it doesn't matter as there's plenty else I can have.

We had some out of town shops built and only about a month after they opened one of them closed down, it was a chain store so they must have known they were in difficulty so why open a big new store.

There are loads of coffee shops and I admit to meeting people for coffee but there are far too many coffee shops if you ask me. I went into an independent Vegan café last Friday and it was so lovely, everything organic and not overpriced, in fact no more expensive than the big chains.

I live near Plymouth and believe you me there are some very large people about. I've started making my own mocha using cacao powder, oat milk and stevia and it's lovely.

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Matt2584Star in reply to

When I buy online it is mostly from Amazon but I do shop elsewhere too.

Amazon usually box up the item in cardboard (depending on the size of the item usually) but they are prone to using a lot of unnecessary plastic which I don’t like.

They say they are conscious of the environment and try use more environmentally friendly wrap like recyclable plastic but to me recyclable plastic sounds like it’s good but it’s not perfect.

If recyclable plastic is littered then there is a strong chance it could end up in the ocean and cause problems.

Must be very annoying that your stomach can’t tolerate cashews.

That is one of the things I like about natural foods, if you like the taste of one food but your stomach can’t handle it you can normally search for another where you will enjoy the taste and stomach can tolerate it too :).

Simiar with natural treatments. If one food works for you and you suggest it to another and they tell you they don’t like it they can usually try another way. Another way that isn’t referring to pharmaceutical medicine.

In other words, nature can be versatile :).

Doesn’t make a lot of sense for a chain store to open another shop if they are not doing well.

I guess they thought by opening another store they might be able to rake in a bit more money and stay afloat?

Anyhow, daft move though :).

UK is becoming more Americanised and I don’t really like that.

Some of the British public use American terms. (My friend does)

More and more American burger joints are opening up.

(Can’t really complain about that though cos I like American food), Five Guys and 7 bone are good examples. I’ve heard about Wahlburgers in Covent garden that I would like to try out.

With all these coffee shops we are becoming similar to New York that has a Starbucks next door to a Starbucks.

Even in the city next door to me, there is an area I like to go to cos I like the cafés there but one café is next door to another café/bar and they are opposite another café!

I would love it more if these cafés were vegan cafés only.

Plymouth, that was where my grandad was born.

His sister used to live there too.

You’re lucky, I like Devon/Cornwall. Lovely area.

I have Pukka lattés with cacao and maca.

They are nice but I prefer to add a spoon of the powder into my cereal :).

Cooper27 profile image

We went through a phase of buying milk from a zero waste shop. You return the bottles each week and get a fresh one. Apparently it tasted so much better as well (I don't drink milk, so taking other's word on that one).

My gran always had milk delivered but I remember hers came in plastic bottles. I like that the glass bottle is making a comeback.

in reply to Cooper27

I remember the glass soda bottles years ago where you got 10p if you took them back to the shop!

Cooper27 profile image
Cooper27Administrator in reply to

We had a brand that gave you 30p back here, it it stopped a few years ago.

Jerry profile image

We had milk delivered when I was a child we had silver and gold top so I agree that real milk in bottles is great as we have milk from more than one country in tetra pak cartons, they made billions inventing milk cartons apparently.

You see Cooper I am retro...LOL 😀

in reply to Jerry

They had the blue top milk as well and the red and silver one as well.

Some 50+ years ago I WAS THAT GUY at 5AM, earlier on snowy mornings, delivering glass bottled milk along with eggs, butter and bread. My boss, co-owner of the business/driver of the truck, would slow down allowing me to JUMP OFF THE TRUCK while grasping 2 glass bottled quarts of milk between the fingers of each hand for faster delivery. ONLY a couple of times did the bottles CLINK TOGETHER resulting in an early morning milk bath. Fond memories ;0).

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to addicted2cycling

Hey this sounds charming addicted2cycling fond memories oif an age gone by. :)

That's a good thing! I do remember when I was a child seing the milkman delevers some milk but not in glass bottles. In Quebec the family size for milk comes in 4 litres. 3 bags of milk, yes we drink our milk from bags.

They are better than plastic jugs but they are still plastic bags. A few years ago, one of the biggest company producing milk decided to make their bags less thick, downgrading them from a few microns.

We still have the 1 litre and the 2 litre format that comes in cardboard jars wich are the best pick when thinking of recycling.

Milk deliveries have been reintroduced around where I live, (including the choice of goats milk), along with veg boxes etc. You can choose glass or plastic bottles.

It’s become very trendy, I’m pleased to say.

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Penel

Hey that's fantatsic Penny I hope they do that around here as I buy goats milk, so with the option of a veg box it sounds ideal. This has cheered me up. 😊

Jerry profile image

Hi SenateurDupont I've seen milk in bags and think its a great idea a good old fashioned pint milk bottle is very evocative of the past as we get litres now. So it's interesting how others do things.

Jerry profile image

Hey Hidden milky would still get round regardless of the weather as they would be local.

I'm one of those irritating people whose got an answer for everything...😂

We used to have milk delivered by the milkman many years ago in glass bottles as well.

We have always had our milk delivered by the milkman but it is in plastic bottles at the moment. Maybe this will Change. He has been the same milkman since 2001 when we first moved here and he has never ever missed a day due to anything. He is very reliable.


I like how the picture asks for two pints and there’s only one in the crate!

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Dickydon

Hey thats my empty bottle Dickydon, I found it in my garage when I bought my last house many years ago...😊

Dickydon profile image
Dickydon in reply to Jerry


We always had milk delivered up to nine years ago when we moved to the coast and then we couldn't find a local milkman. We use very little but I am concerned about the plastic. We were once going away and cancelled our milk delivery, however, we returned home to two weeks of sour milk outside our back door! Most milkman would have investigated if the bottles were building up but not this guy!!

Fatbuddy profile image
FatbuddyHigh Risk

In India - they still deliver milk at home. Also people can buy in paper cartoon, not plastic bottles. They also have one in plastic ( looking ) pouch - but is bio degradable.

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Fatbuddy

Hey Fatbuddy I'm pleased to hear this as it can be done, so thanks for telling us. 👍

Fatbuddy profile image
FatbuddyHigh Risk

Yes - I just came back from India. Indian Government - banned Plastic .. we have to buy a cloth bags - at store for stuff that we buy. Even at weddings and other partys - use wooden disposable spoons NOT plastic. At home, people sepaarte wet and dry trash in separate containers and municipal employees pick up at home.

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Fatbuddy

This is excellent Fatbuddy I'm impressed.

I love the idea of returning milk men or women and shedding the plastic use and lessening CO2 but something that does play on my mind is vandalism.

I live in an area that has had to put up with vandalism in the past and these days it is mainly the younger generation who like to vandalise people’s property just because they can. They seem to get joy from it while we have to fork out more money and so on.

I think personally the police should get tough with these animals and bang ‘em up.

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Matt2584

I think Matt that the young teens who are vandals are asleep well before the milk has been delivered and taken in.

Matt2584 profile image
Matt2584Star in reply to Jerry

Ha, you might think so Jerry but that is usually not the case.

When we had trouble around where I live years ago, we had trouble with these young teen vandals/chavs in the early hours of the morning while I am tucked away in bed and my parents are worried to death at what they were up to due to the noise they were making. It was bad.

But you can go and assume that milk and so on will be delivered in mint condition if you like.

Even if we had our milk delivered to us at 6am and it is sitting there on our doorstep (like the good old days), I can see it now that some yobs will come by, nick it and chuck the bottle at the front door and smash it.

In the good old days when milkmen left the milk on your doorstep most people had common sense.

People are so much more different now and a lot of people are cruel and selfish and don’t care for others.

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Matt2584

Really Matt the issue is why are some young people so anti social as the irony is their own communities suffer.

And I don't know what the answer is.

Matt2584 profile image
Matt2584Star in reply to Jerry

I haven’t got a definite answer but I have got a pretty reasonable guess.

I reckon part of the problem for some people’s behaviour is what people are eating.

Now I l know that sounds stupid and simply put but most of our food is tainted with all sorts of chemicals and so on and some of these chemicals can lead to behavioural problems possibly?

Vegans don’t drink dairy milk cos it is exploiting cows. The milk is for their young. And I get that but another reason not to drink cow’s milk would be because it is not healthy for you, especially the commercially bought milk which likely comes from factory farms.

Cows are mistreated in factory farms and are pumped with additives that affect the milk. Store-bought milk could contain traces of pus and oestrogens. Oestrogens make men more feminine, hence man boobs.

See, people need to be more aware of what they are ingesting otherwise the food industry are going to make a mockery of us all (as they have been doing for many years).

It all sounds absolutely bonkers but you’ve got to understand that the world we live in today is absolutely bonkers.

This is why I don’t trust anything/anyone backed by loads of money.

And why don’t we have much snow anymore?

*cough* climate change *cough*

I think its a brilliant idea I’m looking up about having a milkman now !!!

I hate all the plastic , supermarkets do my head in as everything is in plastic bags or trays , years ago when I went to the shop for potatoes veg or fruit you brought your own bag and put them straight in there !! No plastic where are brown paper bags these days .

Sorry for rant just so bad for the environment.

Hope you all have a lovely day xx

Jerry profile image
JerryAdministrator in reply to Pamed

Hello Pamed please don't appologise about caring about the environment as lots of us feel the same.

I'm also looking into having milk delvered and I really like the thought of glass milk bottles instead of generating more plastic.

It isnt just food so many things are wrapped in strong plastic packaging and as soon as we get it home it goes in the bin.

I hope you enjoy your day. 😊


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