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Low sugar chocolate

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I have been experimenting making my own chocolate. This is trial 5. Each chocolate weighs about 10 grams, contains 40 calories and only 0.2 grams of sugar. It is 90% chocolate mixed with Truvia. This is not the end story. More trials to go yet making blocks of chocolate instead of individuals, and using pure stevia leaf, not Truvia (which is synthetic). Anyway, photos of finished trial product attached here. I ate a lot of this during my type 2 diabetic period, to satiate my sweet tooth and at the same time to increase my calorie intake to 1,500 per day - the plan calorie intake per day. Whoever said you can't eat what you like on a diet is lying and out of date.

4 Replies
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The homemade chocolate looks really fantastic!😀👍 Thank you for sharing this with everyone!😀

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Very nice to see your homemade chocolate Mercmancouchto5k - looks like it worked out very well - and so nicely presented too.

Zest :-)

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Well done!!! I've done the same sort of thing...I've tried coco nibs too (Tiny ground bits of coca shell) Also you can make your own chocolate-nut spread in much the same way using Stevia, coco and nuts all zizzed up together, with perhaps just a touch of toasted sesame oil to taste...

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Mercmancouchto5k in reply to Misalud

Hmm, I like that idea. My two sons used to get through a few large jars of chocolate spread every week. One now lives away, and the other doesn't ask for it, but when I buy it it seems to disappear within days hum di hum di hum - gone

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