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Todays lunch, gluten free sourdough bread with salad. πŸ…

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Hi everyone,

Here's a photo of todays lunch its artisan sourdough gluten free bread with Cheddar hop cheese mixed salad with lettuce spinach and grated beetroot gf yeast extract coleslaw, with some yellow and red baby plum tomatoes, baby plum are my favourite tomatoes.

The bread I bought locally which makes a nice change for me, it shows that the quality of shop bought gluten free bread has definitely gone up. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Wow, that is a great sandwich!!! Gorgeous baby plum tomatoes too - I need to buy some baby plum tomatoes now - I have tried the larger plum ones, and they are good, but I've not tried the baby plum. :-)

Glad you found some shop bought bread that was a good standard and quality.

Zest :-)


Thank you Zest, I'm like that sometimes and think I want some of that...😊

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