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Home baked gluten free bread as its National baking week.

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Hi everyone,

Just to add to the home made bread thread, I make my own gluten free bread and I baked this yesterday. I used to add quinoa flour to my bread mix but now am grinding my own seeds, with this loaf I added ground pumpkin seeds and ground golden linseeds and I'm very pleased with the texture and taste as seeds make it even more nutritious and I like that. I also added pumpkin seeds sesame and golden linseeds and scattered more on to with chia seeds

If anyone wants to post photo's of home made bread then please do. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Wow, your Gluten Free Bread looks fantastic - lovely texture and blend of yummy ingredients. A true Artisan Loaf in my opinion!

Zest :-)

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest πŸ™ thats a lovely thing to say. 😊

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