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A wedding salad feast

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I have been to two weddings and a wedding anniversary this weekend. At one of them I was asked what I would like for my meal. Keen to oblige the chef put this together for me, which started as a very full dish but in the photo is partially eaten. Broccoli, purple, normal and romanesco cauliflower, radishes, beans, berries on a bed of dark leafy greens. No dressing in sight.

I had a very big smile on my face.

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Hi Andy, well the chef certainly was obliging as this looks a salad feast indeed and crowned by that beautiful Romanesco cauliflower.

I'm glad it made you happy and I hope the bride and groom had big happy smiles too.

wow .. it's not easy to just come up with an impromptu dish like that. Very nice result.

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Wow, Andy, that meal looks really lovely - so colourful and so many yummy ingredients - really glad that the Chef looked out for you, and provided such a feast. Really great!

Zest :-)

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