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Emotional motivation key to weight loss. 🙏

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Good morning everyone, on the radio this morning there was an interesting piece on emotional motivation saying it can help people lose weight a lot easier.

I see putting on weight like getting into debt in that its much easier to spend too much than it is to pay it back and weight gain seems to have a similar emotions.

Please see:



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Hi Jerry

I've already read the second article, and it looks a good one, and I shall look forward to reading the first one later. Thanks for this inspiring post, on Motivation.

Here's to 'motivation' going forward into this week and beyond. :-)

Zest :-)

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It’s pretty motivating when a cardiologist recommends you lose a few kilos to help get your health back on track. One point mentioned in the second article is around keeping a food diary. I use an app which is wonderful. It is Australian so only useful here but I am sure there’s similar ones in other countries. As well as most popular foods, it has the capability to add your own foods, scan barcodes and put in your own recipes. It also works out important nutritional elements so you can track protein, carbs, sugars, fats, salt, calcium, fibre and calories. You can also enter your exercise. Originally I used it to track what I was eating as I had a reasonably good diet anyway. I was eating around 1800 calories a day. Now I am more conscious about what I eat and try and stay between 1200-1500 calories. I make sure to include a few squares or dark chocolate and an occasional scoop of ice cream so I don’t feel I am depriving myself. Despite being on some horrid drugs I’ve managed to lose around 10 kilos so I’ll keep going and try to lose a few more.

Just looking at my family and friends, I'd say you have to have a pretty good scare to be thoroughly motivated. Having been raised on processed foods and being surrounded with the stuff, it takes a LOT of motivation to change that on a permanent basis. For me, it was finding out that Alzheimer's is "diabetes 3"- insulin resistance of the brain. I dumped carbs pronto!! After watching what happened to my mother, that was all it took. (See Alzheimer's Antidote by Amy Berger.)

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