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Podcast- The Food Medic


I’m a bit of a podcast junkie. I like to learn things and be inspired when I go out for a walk, hit the gym or drive my car. I discovered this podcast which you may find interesting. The host is a UK doctor who is also a personal trainer with a keen interest in nutrition.


It’s great to see doctors and health professionals that are keen to prevent disease rather than just fix us with pills when things go wrong.

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Hi Kaz, treating people holistically is bang on in my book so I look forward to listening to this later, I love the name of the sports nutritionalist....A. Bean...🙂


Wow, I am excited to see that the name of the Sport's Nutritionalist is 'Anita Bean' - I already get her E-mails, and I must say I really like her writing and knowledge - I shall definitely be listening to this - hopefully later today - if I can.

Thanks for posting it.

Zest :-)

What is really good about this forum is people everywhere are waking up to realising that what you eat fundamentally affects your health. Although I don't follow this podcast I can see much of it that makes sense.

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