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A helping hand


Hi! I'm 35-year young and interested in the healthier, tastier side of cooking.

I bring my expertise to help anyone in any way I can. I don't have the miracle formula, but a great deal of knowledge and positive energy.

I love reading and always in search of knowledge to apply.

Feel free to contact me for any questions related to food, cooking, exercise (because I do exercise) and motivation.

We all need help and advice as do I.

To your health.

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Please check the Topics Section for menu ideas and exercise routines/suggestions.😀

G1nny in reply to Activity2004

Where is the topics section if you are on an iPhone?

Activity2004Administrator in reply to G1nny

Open a posting and go to the bottom of the page.👍


Hi HAP83, on HE we all have a healthy interest in healthy eating for us so are a very diverse friendly support forum and we all learn from one another and we encourage each other and hopefully inspire one another, so we welcome your input.

A sense of wellbeing is achieved when we become in tune with ourselves by adopting healthy eating with regular exercise resulting in a healthy mind set...well thats the plan...


Looking forward to your knowledge etc.

HAP83 in reply to andyswarbs

Hi! Anyway I can just msg me I will share from what I've learned and personal experience.

Thanks ! Looking eagerly to some light healthy veg recipes for Dinner

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