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Yesterday I attended a fab workshop run by Tiffany Jesse for Culturelove on how ‘All About Kefir’. - what it is, what it isn’t, where it came from, the history which is as exotic as the food, the health benefits and - how to make it.

If anyone is suffering from chronic conditions with digestive problems I would recommend learning about kefir and other fermented foods and their health benefits.

Here is a link to her recipe for making your own kefirs at home -

Once you have the kefir ‘grains’ (kefir doesn’t come from any grain that can be grown by the way’ - it doesn’t cost as the grains multiply, all the equipment you need is fresh milk, preferably unhomogenised but can be cow, goat, buffalo (if you have one in the back garden), plastic sieve, wood spoon, glass jar and kitchen paper & elastic band. So when they multiply to overwhelming multitudes and you have more than you need. you can divide them, pass them on, or put them on the compost heap - but please put them somewhere they can do good.

Kefir is safe to take at any age, but making your own at home is fun and just tastes MUCH nicer than the bought variety and of course cheaper.

The photo here is of water kefir grains - there are 2 types - water or milk and they are NOT interchangeable! For water kefir you need only unchlorinated water and sugar - which is what the kefir live off - they consume the sugar so that you don’t have to! Water kefir is fizzy, you can flavourings such as apple juice, my favourite, or ginger, like ginger beer, or make up your own.

I hope this isn’t taken as advertising - I’m not selling or promoting anything and I don’t gain in anyway. Livingwelkdevon is a community project set up to provide health education within our community and no-one is paid nor do we handle money. Just spreading the word.

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That's really interesting, nice to know it's possible to make kefir without milk.


Hi CDreamer,

Firstly we as members are all allowed to recommend events/products that are pertinent to the group as long as there is no financial gain to them or their families. And we have a Kefir topic section so you can add it to that if you wish.

I'm glad that you're reported back from the kefir demo as it sounds really interesting and I love the ethos of a community project. And this should inspire others to look into its health benefits, so thanks. It's a great photo too.

Now I've had a good look around my back garden and sadly no buffalo's...😊

CDreamer in reply to Jerry

How do I find the kefir section pease?

JerryAdministrator in reply to CDreamer

Hi, if you click 'edit' on your post and scroll down it will say Topic no topic so click this and choose Kefir from the topic section.

And when you make a post the topic button is just below photo one.

Jerry 😊

JerryAdministrator in reply to CDreamer

There was a prebiotic kefir topic that wasn't used so there's a new kefir one so I've added yours so I hope that you don't mind.

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