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I saw someone mention coconut water kefir earlier. I had always thought kefir was a milk drink, and assumed coconut kefir meant coconut milk, so now I'm a bit curious to learn more. Does anyone make kefir with something other than milk?

I'm allergic to milk and don't like nut milks as a drink, so I always wrote off kefir. I'd like to give it a try with something else if I can.

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Some people who are lactose intolerant find they're ok with dairy kefir as the micro-organisms that comprise the culture eat the lactose, then the bacteria that turn milk sour,

Here's a previous post, with some links re water kefir at the end:


Water kefir grains are available online, & can be grown in any sweetened liquid substrate. I think raw honey might not be so suitable, though the usual pasteurised type would probably be ok, if you like the taste.

You could also try kombucha, though the probiotic benefits are less beneficial than kefir.

The shop bought type of all of these drinks has a far lower number of probiotics so they have a long shelf-life & don't explode on shop shelves. They're ok to try, but best to ferment your own culture which is as easy as making a pot of tea.

Ask if there's anything you don't understand.


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Thanks! I'm allergic to milk protein, so it'd still probably not work for me. I'll try the water kefir instead.

I might look at the shop-bought kefir to see if I like it before I invest in the grains - thanks for letting me know about them!

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One question - once you make it, how long does water/coconut kefir keep for?


I've only made dairy kefir, & never keep it longer than 24 hours unless I feed it again to keep it happy, though I have three batches of about 300g of grains on rotation in & out of my fridge so I don't have too much. I'm guessing it would be the same with water kefir, so best made according to how much you want to use each a day. I'm guessing that 20-30g may be enough for 2-3 glasses of water kefir a day, maybe less if it's only fed on sugar.

The culture is alive, & needs regular feeding to keep it that way, so it's not a one off thing to make now & again like a pot of tea. I make a fresh batch every day in winter as my kitchen's cold & it takes 18-24 hours to ferment. In summer it can be ready within 4 hours, so spends more time chilled to reduce fermentation. The ratio of grains to milk also affects how quickly it's ready.

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ps Coconut water is usually the liquid from the middle, & coconut milk made with the coconut flesh. :) Either would be ok for water kefir.

Look at the Yemoos website, it's my favourite for general kefir information, though there are lots more, & also a few in The UK.

Sauerkraut's another option for probiotics, though my kefir bacteria didn't like it.


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