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Gluten free apple slice, 🍏🍎

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Hi everyone here's an apple slice I made today, it's really simple as I use GF flour with ground almonds flaked almonds total 250g, coconut oil 125g with 50g dark brown sugar, I spread half in the bottom of a baking dish and covered with 7 sliced eating apples with sultanas and chia seeds. Then I spread on the topping scattered with sesame seeds golden linseed and flaked almonds on and baked.

My neighbour gave me the apples from his garden so it gets better.

And then it gets even better as I had it with Swedish Glace ice cream and a little soy cream so this is gluten free and plant based.

I like a nice pudding and Debs got me into Swedish Glace for which I am very grateful. And treats don't have to be stodgy or unhealthy...😊

7 Replies
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Looks really great for an after dinner treat.πŸ˜€

JerryAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah, I enjoyed it 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

That’s great to hear!πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Delicious. I’ll have to look at getting some Swedish glace.

JerryAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali and I hope you enjoy the Swedish Glace...mmm...😊

Wow looks delicious πŸ˜‹

JerryAdministrator in reply to avoid-sugar

Thanks you as you make food look amazing...😊

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