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Feedback from how do you feel since joining HE. πŸ“

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Good morning everyone,

I for one have learnt ever so much from other members since joining HE and I thought my diet was good before I joined but now I eat even better.

45 members feel part of the HE community and unfortunately 11 don't so what I'd like to say is HE is a member based community and 'we' are all part of the HE community.

So if anyone has any suggestions on what would make them feel part of the HE community then please say.

I want to thank everyone who takes part in our polls as to me they are a bit of fun and interesting.

So enjoy your weekend now and take care if you're travelling, as lots of people are hitting the roads this weekend so keep cool and calm...

Thank you,


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I don't have any bright ideas on that ( but will keep thinking ) . Certainly the community has grown phenomenally since I joined (which just goes to show that it must be getting most things right!) But it has become more difficult to keep up with even a portion of people... However even after 3 years, I for one am still learning new things every day from the various posts and comments and would not be a successful maintainer without it. Thankyou to Everyone involved.

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Thank you elliebath, the busier HE gets the harder it is for all of us to keep up but another side of this is we make new friends all the time. 😊


Hi Jerry

I appreciate the Healthy Eating community - and just wanted to say that for me personally, it took me a little while to feel 'part of the community' - and my experience was that I felt more comfortable as time progressed and I could appreciate how friendly people are, and welcoming to others.

I love the fact that there's a place to post about 'Healthy eating' and we can discuss and swap ideas - and I appreciate the forum and the great members here.

I also like the various Polls you've been doing - they are 'food for thought' - and good fun too.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest and I feel very much the same, you are a very popular member and make a great contribution to HE which's greatly appreciated.

Your meals and 'monthly meals' are looked forward to by many of us which is a fantastic collage of healthy and seasonal meals.

I think we have some really great contributions and our members do really well and I think that we have some amazing porridge photo's on HE as well.

So thanks to you and everyone for their contribution and enjoy your weekend.

Jerry 😊

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