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Buddha bowl😁⛩


Hello lovely people,

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. Thought to share this lovely dish. The internet is full of with these buddha bowls, so today I gave it a go. Basically, buddha bowls are made up of healthy grains or starch (quinoa, brown rice, barley, millet, sweet potatoes), raw, cooked or steamed vegetables, protein (eggs, beans, lentils, chickpeas). You can add some dressing of course. Otherwise, it's too plain. Some people make some spicy sauce with the protein or they add hummus. Most of the time avocado can't be missing😊

In my bowl, I put steamed veg ( asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas), some salad leaves, whole grain rice, mixed beans and mushrooms in sauce and avocado. It was really delish😋 Hope to see some of your buddha bowls in the future. More colourful than mine😊

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Wow, Aretak! The Budda Bowl really looks good and a great idea for a weekend time meal in the next few weeks. I like some spicy foods, but they can't be extremely spicy (mild to moderate). :-)

Aretak in reply to Activity2004

Same here. I don't like extremely spicy, it makes my stomach crazy😬

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Aretak

Too spicy makes my lips feel like being on fire.😀


Hey this looks really Lovely all very wholesome, it’s a really colourful and well presented Buddhist bowl. 😊

Aretak in reply to Jerry

Hey Jerry,

I was going to add more colour( radish) but ended up without it as I like to have less ingredients in my meal. Next time will create a rainbow salad😊

That sounds good. I'm gong to ask a stupid question (my specialty). What do use for the sauce?

Aretak in reply to Marshall64

This time I used some tomato puree mixed with a bit of a veg stock, also added some herbs and a bit of cumin. You can use any sauce you like or use dressing on the salad😊

Hey happycook1,

Yes, that's right, I read about the monks, that they collect food as donations.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Aretak

Sounds like a great thing (donations).

Thank you Elliott🙂 I'm glad finally made mine as I saw many pictures and recipes online. Great treat on weekends😁

Looks yummy

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