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Gluten free Rhubarb slice with ground almonds. 😊

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Hi everyone,

Here's a photo of some rhubarb slice that I made and the rhubarb was half price so I bought twice as much as I love rhubarb and other sharp fruits and am looking forward to buying gooseberries...

I made the topping with plain GF flour with ground almonds and I used coconut sugar, I put flakes almonds on top before baking. The rhubarb I added a little water and some chia seeds and they absorb a lot of moisture and make stewed fruits fuller.

Its just right as. treat this lovely weather with a little coconut cream...and I hope that everyone is enjoying their bank holiday weekend. 😊

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Hi Hidden,

Mmmm, that looks lovely! I enjoy the taste of Rhubarb - especially with ginger - have you had that combination? They slice you've made looks extremely appetising. The Coconut Cream sounds like a great combination.

Hope you're enjoying wearing those sun-glasses, and keeping cool.

Zest 8-)

in reply to Zest

Hi Zest and thank you, now I've never thought of adding ginger to rhubarb but will try it so thanks for that too.

I'm loving this weather and my back garden is a south facing sun I hope you're enjoying it too as Guernsey must be fabulous now. 😎

Thank you zonazer and having seen your GF dishes and on your blog this is a great compliment.😊

It looks great! :)

This looks great. I could do with a slice right now! I made rhubarb crumble earlier. Might have made this if I had seen it before. Looks lovely with the almonds on top.

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