My symptoms have gotten worse?

I was in a really bad sleep cycle where i would sleep really late until during the day time for months. I only recently fixed that like just over a week ago and i have been feeling worse than ever. I eat healthy and try to do light exercise but at the moment even that is hard for me as i feel really tired all the time. Why has it got worse for me even though i fixed my bad sleep?


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  • Hi healthiskey,

    Maybe you would benefit from consulting with your GP so they can assess what is going on?

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling very good at the moment, and I really hope you can get to the bottom of your symptoms.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks, i went through alot in my teenage years so it built up alot of stress and now my adrenals are very sensitive so i'm working on fixing them.

  • It can take time to get used to a new routine. If your getting up when you used to be sleeping your body will take bit of time to adjust.after all a week is not along time. dont give up on your new routine and maybe check in with your doctor to. All the good eating and the good sleep routine will pay of eventually. love grace xoxoxo

  • Yeah that's true, the healthy eating and good sleep has to pay off! even if i'm feeling worse now

  • it will just take a little time for your body to adjust but if you really feel ill you could see your doctor just to put your mind at rest. all the best. love grace xoxoxo🌹

  • thanks that's good to hear:)

  • Definitely see your doctor.

    What's your interpretation of healthy eating?

  • i eat porridge oats with bananas, honey and seeds in the morning and then about 3 hours later i have something small like fruit, then like 2 hours later i have some whole grain bread with avacados and tomatoes and sometimes eggs with it too. then for dinner i usually have veg and salmon or chicken. Then sometimes i have something small after that like greek yogurt.

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