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New year new start

Happy New Year Everyone

I ended up giving up on any form of control over Christmas when it came to food, mainly because I felt upset by the weight gain (it’s a catch 22) but I finally had a break through with my partner and we have both agreed to get healthy.

We also signed up for tough mudder 5k in September 2018, this is both to set a goal to work towards and also something we have always wanted to do. Now I’m not normally good with New Years resolutions so I’m not classing this as one, the change was just meant to be after Christmas and we figured after New Year’s Eve as we had a few drinks 🤭.

Today has started well (slight hangover) we have used up all unhealthy goods over Christmas and have the bare minimum in, tomorrow we will go shopping and i have some recipes for slow cooker meals, where I just chop up the required ingredients and freeze it and make up some “fakeaways” that I can freeze so we can have a treat once a week (only got so much freezer room though lol) I can do most of this, this week before we start back at uni and the kids back to the child care routine, hopefully then we can keep on top of food at weekends.

In theory this is all doable but I know that it will only work with maximum commitment from me and if my partner does as he says then it will make it easier.

The harder part is the exercise but I’m gonna aim to do 10mins cardio/strength training 3X a week to begin with along with walking to and from uni and increase what I do from there.

I currently weigh 12stone and will take my body measurements this evening, I should be back for the Saturday weigh ins now and fingers crossed this time next year I will be a millionaire.... no wait I meant healthier and a bit fitter 😋

Wish me luck and I hope everyone has a fantastic 2018.

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Hi there Debbie

Well done to you on your first step to a healthier lifestyle and taking small steps at a time is the right way to do it, too much too soon and it's easy to break the cycle of healthy eating and exercise. Believe you me I have gone at things too quickly and ended up failing so I take things slowly but surely and this has meant that I haven't gained a significant weight for many years, only the odd few pounds and then it's back off.

You can do this and I'm glad your partner is on board as well.

Alicia :)


Hi Hidden,

I'd like to wish you luck with your goals - I hope you and your partner will have a healthy New Year and that you'll make progress in all the things you're setting out to do.

You can do this!

Zest :-)

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