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So today I am 66.9kg, need to lose 10kg by 30th March. This is 12 weeks away so shouldn't be unrealistic. This then gives me another 3 months to maintain before we go on a big overseas trip. I need to exercise a bit smarter, walk a bit faster, cut down my portions and have just 3 single treats, rather than 2 treats 3 times a day. Did loose a few kilos last year from this level but got very busy from September and took my eye off the ball. But very determined this time. Found all my old WW books from 12 years ago when I went after 1st pregnancy ( can't afford meetings again). Good luck everyone!


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  • Can you afford the online ones? How tall are you, 66kg is pretty good tho, I'm currently 69 kg and hoping to be 67 kg.

  • Hi, I'm only 5ft/1.50m, so I am overweight. Will look at online options, though, thanks for the thought. :) You are nearly there, keep going and well done!

  • Well I lost nearly 2.stone, gave up care and put on 4 lbs, hoping to lose that we see!

    I hasten to add I lost 2 stone, almost March '12 in time for my 50th!

    I was 12st 6lb

  • Hi there. My secret to loosing weight is Protein for Breakfast. Eggs Bacon Tomatoes, lunch. Lunch bread & butter Plate size portions. Salad + fish Or Chicken, or Fillet Steak its a small size Steak, Dinner at night same again. Go to WW & buy some of there Jube Lollies or snack Bars have one at night as a treat. Stay away from lots of Carbs bread cereal as they tend to bloat causing information. I've kept my weight down for years using this method. WW are great for that. Apply those principles just buy a few of there goodies it worked for me. Plus I walk on my tread mill every day for 10 to 15 minutes. I hope this may help. It works for me.

  • Let's know how you go good luck. Rob.

  • Well done! I too can gain weight easily, but I convinced myself that I do not need fad diets or weight loss plans. We all know that the dominant reason for obesity is simply eating too much, particularly the wrong foods. I joke to people that we can eat as much as we want of what we want, as long as we don't swallow it! I have a picture in my mind of the terrible concentration camp atrocities; the poor souls who were released at the end of the war. They were nothing but skin and bone. Why? Not enough food. Clearly there is a compromise situation where we eat enough to avoid their sad condition, but not too much. I use smaller plates for meals and eat half the amount that I did. To a good degree it's our own determination to succeed that achieves the right result, though a little help from somewhere is often needed by some of us, to keep us on track. One method that I use when I want a snack is to say to myself "you can't have it now, but you can ask yourself again in one hour". Believe or not that works, at least for me. As you begin to succeed a sense of pleasure in self control evolves and it is possible to extend the hour to a longer period. Good luck and good health!

  • You might want to take a look at Lots of great info there and personal stories. Hope you do well!

  • Hi, just signed up and started reading diet doctor. I have been noticing for a while that sometimes I am really tired after lunch if I have had sandwiches (ie bread) but not so much if I've had say a jacket spud. Very interesting. One of the reasons to loose weight is to avoid becoming diabetic in later life (I'm in my early 40's now). So thanks again for taking the time to mention the diet doctor, much appreciated.

  • Going low carb is a little difficult considering how we've all been raised, and what's in the stores. There are now loads of LCHF sites with recipes and suggestions if you need any more help than what they have there at diet doctor. (LCHF- Low Carb Hi Fat) Just do an internet search with LCHF and see what you can find. Glad you are willing to try!

  • I am 75kg and want to get to 65kg (by tomorrow!)

    Good luck for your journey, size12goal! :) :)

  • Hi Beek, by tomorrow might be a tall order, but it can be done! Good luck to you too :)

  • Hi size12goal! I am hoping that by July (when we have a BIG party for OH 80th) I can get back to where I should be! 6 months should be doable to lose 10kg.

    Considering our upbringing (jmwe29) - yes, LCHF particularly the HF part, feels quite daunting to me. Low carbs isn't a problem because I already have to consider them. It's all a question of getting the right balance.

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