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I'm new here

Lost a stone before Christmas and want to continue with that. Was doing really good with exercise but dropped off 2 weeks before Christmas so am looking to improve that. I weigh on a Wednesday. Got lots of foodie presents this year for Christmas, so expecting to gain for a couple of weeks while I eat my way through them! Have joined this forum to read others weight loss stories & to get support for the weeks I gain

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Hi sheldons1,

Well done for joining us and introducing yourself, you're in the right place for healthy eating tips and we're a friendly community.

As you do a weekly weigh in you might well like the HU weight loss site:


Jerry 😊

Ps well done for losing a stone.


Hey Sheldon, well done to you for losing a stone, that's a fantastic achievement. I understand where you are coming from as it's so hard when people give you lots of foodie presents, I'm so pleased that this year all I had was two bars of chocolate and a box of chocolate between myself and my husband - result!!

I have to say I have not been eating much chocolate now for a while, when I say chocolate I mean the milk variety not the good quality plain, which is actually good for you. I tend to eat raw fruit bars instead and absolutely love them. I used to eat dessert after my dinner but now tend to eat grapes.

All the very best on losing the rest of the weight (I see that Jerry has provided the Health Unlocked weight loss site).



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