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Thought I would do an intro. I'm in my 20s and have struggled with being healthy for years now. I get sick easily and so every time I start to do well with exercise and eating I get sick and have to start all over I'm hoping that after all that I'm going through right now I can get back into the game! Anyone know of ways to help boost the immune system?


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  • Hi Fuzzypandaxx,

    Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. I hope that you'll find the Healthy eating pages from NHS Choices a helpful start:


    Wishing you a good week.

    Zest :-)

  • Eating heathly in general supports the immune system, as does a moderate level of exercise :) but over exercising can stress it, so maybe just concentrate on healthy eating for a while.

    I'd be weary of claims about specific foods helping, as these are often promoted by companies trying to sell high priced supplements and products.

    So just concentrate on eating lots of minimally processed nutrient rich food like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, along with herbs and spices.

  • Hi Fuzzypandaxx,

    Healthy eating can sometimes become misleading. Our bodies are unique and respond to any given diets differently. Have yourself checked for food allergies and your gut health. Yoga and meditation helps to build your immune system. Start fresh with a positive attitude, and let your journey towards health be a stress free one.

    Wishing you all the best!


  • At your age you should be in one of the healthiest times of your life. You say you "get sick" but what exactly happens? Before anyone gives advice we should know what exactly is the problem. Your immune system may be perfectly O.K. so don't fiddle with it unless you know if there really is a problem. I suggest you visit a qualified doctor, tell him or her your worries and symptoms and get a diagnosis before you ask for on-line help. Once you've done that there is more than likely help available here.

  • Getting sick often isn't a bad thing sometimes because it means your immune system is fighting for you and trying to get rid of the toxins in your body so maybe when you start exercising you trigger more healing so you get sick quicker. I'd be more worried if you were eating unhealthy and living unhealthy and never got sick because that could mean your immune system has sort of given up and stopped trying to rid the toxins. This is the reason why some people go through life never getting sick or having symptoms then suddenly get cancer or another life threatening illness.

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