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Healthy Eating
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Difficulties at Diet

Hey, hey hey, I am new here :)

I have several issues about my health caused by bad eating habit. I really have some problem about it. I have decided to control and fix it up. Obviously it will be a tough process that i will have some difficultes. I really want to hear from you guys, what kind of difficulties i will confront, and what should i do when i get those. Thank you!!


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Welcome Cafer!

Good on you for fighting this battle that so many of us are! 😊

From my personal experience the first week or so is the hardest, everyone is different though which you must keep in mind.

When I made a conscious choice to go down the road of healthy eating I threw out everything in my fridge and pantry that wasn’t healthy. Then replaced it with good foods. That’s important - you can’t just get rid of something and leave it at that, you must always replace it with something. In this case, replacing junk food with healthy food. Have a snack through the day, just make it a healthy one. 😊

A few days in I really really craved chocolate! My body was craving the sugars that I would normally feed it. My body ached for a few days too, while I was detoxing. I kept at it though and feel so much better now, just sticking to fresh fruit, vegetables and meat for the most part.

I myself stay away from any refined, processed sugars all together because I know for myself it wouldn’t take long to get hooked back on sugar. I have learnt that from experience and how I react to sugar.

But like I said before everyone is different and some people can get healthy and have something unhealthy once and awhile - I just can’t do that.

I feel so much better when I am eating real food. Non-processed foods makes a huge difference in the way we feel. Our bodies love us for it! 😊

I will just add that I was eating healthy for about three months and was feeling the best I’ve ever felt in years and then for some reason just went out without thinking and ate something high in sugar and fat, I can’t even remember what it was and it wasn’t even that nice. (Because my sense of taste had changed for the better) I felt so sick after that. Once I was eating healthy my body thrived then I gave it junk and it didn’t know what to do with it because it was no longer use to dealing with such harsh stuff.

That’s the main struggles I’m battling with when it comes to healthy eating.

I agree though, it’s a tough process. But it is so rewarding.

Please continue to update us on your journey and feel free to ask more questions when you have them! 😊


Welcome Cafer! Hope you enjoy being part of the Healthy Eating forum. :-)

Zest :-)

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I appreciate .I am really pleased to be part of this kind of helpful community, many thanks to you all.


Sadly there are many pitfalls in making dietary changes. The first is that a most excellent diet is worth little if you don't exercise. Modern society is lethargic and you must find a way of building up to an average of an hour of sweaty exercise each day for the rest of your life.

Second there is a lot of bad advice out there. In my opinion the majority of the advice is bad. It is well meant but far far too heavily influenced by global food companies. This influence permeates schools, universities, hospitals, government, media, charities.

In my opinion that influence is a two-pronged attack. On the one hand it is food companies selling us what we desire and crave rather than what is good for us. On the other it is pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs that mask problems rather than fixing them.

To be clear drugs are incredibly important to solve acute health challenges. Without a question they are life-saving. But they are hopeless at chronic conditions, mostly papering over the cracks and not addressing the real problems.

A good diet is a personal thing. Finding your diet is a beautiful thing. Your first goal should be to halt any damage that is occurring in your body. For this medication may be needed. But as you find a better diet you should be able to reduce that medication bit by solid bit.

So the big question is how to find that one diet, how to begin that journey. Well you are here. Read other posts and make judgements from them. Listen to your body. Verify EVERYTHING by experimenting in your own body. Remember some foods can cause long term issues that may not appear for many years.

The very good news is, if you are on the right path, your body will feel younger every day. Your skin should glow, if your body is under attack (eg a cold, back strain) then it should recover faster as your diet improves.

That's your goal, to feel younger every day. Anything less and your diet needs more work.

Welcome to the journey.


Hi there

Welcome to this forum and I see that you have had some very good replies already.

I never used to be able to control my sweet tooth i.e. if I unwrapped a chocolate bar/opened a box of chocolates I would just eat and eat and normally until I felt sick. Once eaten, I would feel sick and very lethargic. I still eat chocolate and mostly plan 72% dark and eat just the 2 squares and then wrap it up for next time. My go to snack are raw bars i.e. raw dates and cashew nuts are my favourites, they have no other ingredients in them. I have bought a food processor so will now be making my own.

I have also bought a slow cooker and I cooked a lovely curry in there a few days ago and had no rice with it and was completely satisfied. I still have sweetness in my drinks which is something I know I need to give up. I very occasionally, probably about once every 2 months, may have some ice cream (homemade) and have some milk chocolate but it's quite rare.

I love fruit and vegetables but eat very little fruit as I have IBS and too much fruit gives me tummy pain. I do eat a lot of cooked organic carrots, they taste so much better and have a natural sweetness. I also eat sweet potatoes a lot.

Glad you have joined this forum and you will see some lovely healthy food that people have cooked on here.


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There shouldn’t be any difficulties, & you’ll only have benefits which should soon become apparent once you start to feel better! 😁

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