Good apps for food diary?

Hey friends,

For me it is really important to write my personal food diary – In the past, I tried writing a food diary with a lot of details. Unfortunately, I was never really focused enough or got bored of it quickly.. So I have been looking for quite some time for a nice food diary app that would make my life easier, but couldn’t find anything that is easy enough to use. Last week I found this app here: It’s quite cool just a simple food diary based on photos. Didn’t cost anything and has no ads. In addition to taking photos, I am also using it to track how much meat I am eating per week (it has this graph thing where you can see a breakdown of the food you had in the past week).

Did anyone of you test it already or knows some alternatives? I really like this app so far, but was wondering what other people think about it. :-)



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  • Not tried that one. I use my fitness pal. It shows how much carbs protein etc you are eating and how much you should be. It also gives you how much vitamins etc you have consumed which means u can use vitamins to fill gaps. Eg my diet is quite low in iron so I started taking a supplement. My partner is also on it and he loves it too. Easy to use and free though there is an option to upgrade. Good luck on your journey to health x

  • I use my fitness pal too. Very easy to use and it even adds calories on for me when I do my running, it is very clever it knows.

  • I really like MyNetDiary! It is easy to use but very comprehensive in is approach to total healthy eating. If used right it will help you to not only loose weight but understand exactly what you are eating and how that affects your health.

  • Hi I am like you I need to have a handy tracker , although the one I use is food focus . No charges no ads all the other stuff you need like exercise log , calorie counter , BMI etc .It 's a life saver for me when my head is in the right place but when I get a bit wobbly this site gives me a boost !

  • I like so many others use my fitness pal which is so easy and excellent it even adds up calories for certain foods from stores eg Asda, Aldi, Tesco soooo good if you exercise it adds the extra calories you have earned on to your daily allowance so you know exactly where you are

  • I've been using FatSecret, it's free and does everything I can think of that I want it to!

  • I use Lose It! It's an Android App, cost nothing and free of ads too.

    Will try your link as well, thanks

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