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Healthy Eating
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Eating Habits :)

Hello everyone! I am looking for advice on what to eat. I want to begin trying to lose weight but am really struggling to find nice meals to eat! I hate the vast majority of vegetables and fruit and so am wondering, is it okay to simply cut down portion sizes or do you need to change how much fruit and veg you eat as well? I usually have around 3 or four a day.

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Hi anna_kerslake,

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. You might find the 'Healthy Eating' pages helpful, especially the NHS 12 week plan - as it gives some useful structured support with regard to weight loss. I've used it myself and found it very helpful.


Also, the NHS weight loss community (here on Health Unlocked) is another useful community - and they do regular weigh-ins, which are free.

I hope you'll have a look at the Topics section here in the Healthy eating forum, as there are some great posts there.

Wishing you success with your weight loss goals, and healthy eating.

Zest :-)


I do wish the NHS would get out of that outdated (And proven to be false and detrimental to health!) belief that everything has to be low salt, low saturated fat!!

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You may wish to get some inspiration from this book "Take One Veg" for using a range of vegetables: amazon.co.uk/Take-One-Veg-t...


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