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I happened to listen to a radio 4 programme on Saturday about groups of people who have extreme diets.

One of the things that they all have in common is that they stick to a set of rules which govern what they eat. This struck me as a n eureaka moment.

I have now set rules to what and how much I eat. I also have set caalorie limits for each meal and have followed a tip from another follower with several meals calorie counter so I variables for every meal each day.

I will see how this works.


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Hi AJC1957,

Have you talked to the doctor about the change in your diet? How many carbs and calories are you allowed at each meal and snack?


No I am following the Rosemary Connolly diet


What do you eat for the Rosemary Connolly Diet? I haven’t heard about it.


I wish you the very best of luck


My partner followed the Rosemary Conley diet with some success.

I think it depends on your personality, but I also find having a clear set of rules to follow makes food decisions easier

I'll check out that program. It sounds really interesting, thanks for posting


Be careful not to rebound on such a low fat diet. It sometimes works initially, but as our bodies need some fat, it's not sustainable.

I stick to what I thought was cranky when I first read about it, which is having restrictive eating times. I stop eating early in the evening & fast until late morning. Inbetween, I drink water. My calorie intake has increased, which is good as I eat a high amount of healthy fats, but it's rare for me to be hungry as long as I've eaten enough late morning & early evening.



I like eating too much to try reducing calories on two days of the week, but find I can eat what I want if I restrict my eating window to 6-8 hours. If I eat at normal times for a week, when I'm away, I put weight on, as expected, but it's easy to loose when I go back to what's now my normal eating routine,


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