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any suggestions ?

Went to the Optician with a strange floater in my eye on Monday and since then it's been crazy. It was one of the first signs of a mini stroke. A shock to say the least since I thought I was Superwoman. There are no other symptoms and nothing to lead up to it and only blood thinning drug as everything else , blood pressure , cholesterol etc are all good ......any ideas?

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Hi Hazel1010. Welcome to the group. Feel free to continue posting questions and comments, reading and commenting on other members postings/comments, taking the polls on the Polls section, reading through the Topics section for information and ideas, attend the Monthly Meetings (usually held one weekend (Saturday) a month) and of course, get to know the rest of the group members.

For your question about the floater in your eye and blood pressure issues, have you checked out the Diabetes & Hypertension Help Society group also on HU? Please go to: and click on the follow group button to join. Once the follow button is clicked, it should be white with a green checkmark and you can start posting and replying to other member's questions/comments/postings at anytime. I hope this helps.


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