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Vegetarian weight loss

I need to lose weight about 25/30 kilos. I'm basically eat vegetarian food but on very rare occasions will eat a small amount of fish ie fish and chips. My problem is I'm still gaining weight, I had major heart surgery last year and have ongoing mobility issues, I'm also on a variety of drugs including one for epilepsy although have only had the one major seizure. Currently I'm unable to swim but I'm hoping this will change shortly. I eat lots of vegetables and fruit (mostly berries) but I love grapefruit, melon and apples too. I eat a few nuts and cheeses, I will eat free range eggs but again very rarely. I do eat pasta, jacket potatoes and rice but in moderation and have been known to have the occasional sweets although chocolate I guess is my choice is eaten once or twice a fortnight and the equivalent of 1 or 2 squares each time. How can I improve my weight I'm also suffering breathlessness due to carrying the excess weight?

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There is nothing much to say about your eating well.Your problem could be1.All the medicines that were consumed during surgery.Your weight gain could be a side effect.Have you ruled out this possibility?, and 2.Lack of mobility.You indicated swimming,which is an excellent choice of exercise,particularly for overweight persons.Better explore this option.I feel you should undergo a full spectrum blood chemistry analysis,under the supervision of a general practitioner.You may find an explanation for your weight.It is only my suggestion,which you may consider.

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Thank you for your reply. The reason I'm not allowed to swim is due to the single massive seizure I suffered post surgery and my neurologist forbidding me to swim. I am to see him in November so hope this advice can be withdrawn as I've suffered no further incidence of seizures and swimming was the maiin form of exercise that I could manage. I am seeing my GP soon and will ask him about the blood tests you have suggested and hope that I can get to the bottom of the weight gain. Thank you.


I've been vegetarian for 30 years. I find eating a low starch diet, high in probiotics helpful. I make sure I have enough protein, so aim for 40-50g a day. If you're eating sensibly, could the issue be related to your medication? Have you had your thyroid hormones checked?

This doesn't suit everybody, but I've found weight gain less of an issue since I started restrictive eating most days. I don't eat for at least 14 hours a day, usually longer. Also eating a high protein meal for the first meal of the day, which can tell the body it doesn't need to keep eating to provide it with protein.

I recommend this practitioner as his advice for many health conditions, including diet, is good & free: chriskresser.com/browse/


Since I restricted carbs I have lost a bit of weight. As a 64 year old who is ovo-lacto- pescatarian (mouthful!!), I have found loosing weight almost impossible until I started restricting carbs. It has been easy and, best of all, I don't feel deprived.

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