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Diet starts monday

hey guys well ive been on and off for the last week or so but i finally picked up the courage and got my gp to refer me to a health trainer had my appointment with her on friday went well she weighed me and gave me few books and a diet planner altho im starting on monday id love to come on here for support as i only see the health trainer once every 2 weeks and i dont want to give up im desperete to lose this weight but i keep giving in and its no good its mainly on a nite wen i binge as i feel bettee wen im comfort eating i dont have a partner i live alone with

my 2 girls so on a nite wen there in bed i tend to binge i think its boredom but any great tips and advice would be greatful im healthier snacks or overcoming me eating haha i am working on my portion sizes aswell hope everyone is doing fab on thier journey thanks kayleigh xx

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You seem to be concerned with your own ability to resist binge eating.My two cents worth suggestion would be to develop constant choice less awareness about your eating.If you binge,do not blame yourself but be aware of it instantly without condemning it.Your sub conscious will make you feel that what you have done is not good for you and slowly but steadily you will develop the necessary will power to give up binge eating.Give it a try,you have nothing to lose except,hopefully,some kilos.


Good luck and being positive & patient. I am sure you can achieve your goals :)

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Thank you :) I'm def going to try i just want the weight off, but i have an obbsession with food and i have done since my partner left. i feel better when i eat but it needs to stop now as im heavier then i've ever been.xx


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