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Cinnamon with honey for Epilepsy


Hi, I have been suffering in Epilepsy for last 20-yrs. I want to take Cinnamon with hot water and honey... Please advise if it is suitable for me as I have to take some regular medicines for Epilepsy, like - Folvite, Gardinal and Zaptol CR.

I want to use Dabur honey with the Cinnamon powder - Keya SRILANKAN CINNAMON POWDER manufactured by Amalgam Speciality Food pvt ltd THURAVOOR-688532,HONEY manufactured by PRAKRUTHI HEALTH PRODUCTS BANGALORE AGMARK grade A.

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Best to consult your dr about it

By the way... ask your dr about ketogenic diet for controlling epilepsy... but should be done under the guidance of your neurologist only..

Many top drs now recommend this across india also


Hi Debjani,

Welcome to the group.

As Shashikantiyengar had said, please consult with your doctor before you change your medication/diet routine. I have Epilepsy and diabetes, so I know that any small change can be a great shock to the body sometimes. We all need to be careful about what we do-- even with the doctor giving permission to try something new. Please let us know what you find out soon from the doctor.

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