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Gaining Weight

Hello everyone! As a result of my various health conditions and a 3+ year run of depression I've lost a ton of weight.

I'm looking to put on enough weight so I can start exercising again without nearly fainting. I can't eat eggs or dairy products because of my illness. Also, I have a very sensitive gag reflex that tends to make eating in the morning very difficult (even drinking). Any advice is welcome, thank you!!

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Are you getting any help from a dietician? They would know be able to give you pointers as to what to eat without affecting your health issues. Do you like nuts? they are good and nut butters on oatcakes etc make a good snack. There are more dairy alternatives available now so it's worth looking out for those. Eating little and often helps too. I know from experience it is not easy. Good luck!


For a while I was seeing a naturopathic doctor who specializes in diet, but she wanted me to be on such a strict diet and I don't eat much so I lost even more weight.

I'll try to eat more often and add in nuts. Thank you for the advice!


Another thing I'd forgotten to mention that my dietician told me was to always add extras to meals. Dressings on salads, butter/oil on veg, cheese sprinkled on anything from potato, pasta, soup, veg etc. I have tried the dairy free versions of spreads and cheese and they are fine. I know these only sound like small things, but every calorie counts!


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