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Healthy Living Through Water

Would like to know if anyone has had good results or has tried drinking Kangen Water? I am a diabetic and have been through the gambit of lotions, potions and remedies.. Only to find most don't work or only moderately.. I meet a friend who had been drinking kagen water for a few years now and swore by it.. So i invested in a machine and .. well all i can say is i am pleasantly surprised..

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How are you surprised? It looks expensive to me and I just use a Brita Filter water jug. You are just drinking water which is good for you. I'm diabetic too and don't go in for fads in diet etc but if it is working for you that's fine.



As soon as you drink alkaline water it gets neutralized by gastric acid. Also body has very efficient mechanisms to keep our blood ph at 7.35. I don't think such water can help. Also don't know how water can have antioxidant properties.


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