Gluten free and hungry!

I've gone gf again.

I eat a reasonably healthy diet, salads, potatoes, fruit, meat, nuts, seeds, olive oil, butter, ghee, lard, cheese and milk but have the dreaded sugar in drinks.

But I get hungry and I think I need more carbs.

Any idea what I can add please?


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  • Why do you think you need more carbs? What is your actual calorie intake and target?

  • I don't want to count calories and just want to get rid of what I gained through heart and thyroid problems. I have been losing, although healthy eating is more the target.

    To still be feeling hungry, although having enough fats, I'm looking at carbs.

  • Silver_Fairy,

    How many carbs do you eat during the day for each meal and/or snack?

  • Sorry fish, eggs and flaxseed oil missed off list. And I only eat a few potatoes a week.

  • Hi Silver-Fairy, some people with thyroid issues benefit from a gluten free diet but it is a restrictive diet and whole grains are a good source of nutrients for non coeliac.

    Now what can you add to your diet, there is the obvious rice. And quinoa is a really good food as it is a complete food as it contains all the vital amino acids that our bodies need.

    What I did when diagnosed with CD was eat gluten free versions of my favourite foods and this is what I recommend to all newly diagnosed coeliac. And its really easy to make gf versions of many meals.

    Nutritionalist reckon that some people crave food because their bodies are craving specific nutrients and this could be worth checking out by a simple blood test to see that you're not lacking in anything especially, as you've gone gluten free and if gluten has been causing you issues then your body won't be absorbing nutrients properly.

  • I don't really see gf as restrictive? Grains are only one part of a large variety of foods.

    Not sure what you mean by gf versions?

  • Hi, what I mean is if making a gravy or a sauce make sure that its gluten free and with salads etc use spirit vinegar like apple cider vinegar rather than malt vinegar. So make your favourite meals and just keep all traces of gluten out of it.

    I have to be very careful when away from home as tiny amounts of gluten upset me so I don't like restaurant food where gf food is cooked with other foods as mistakes happen, so thats how I find it restrictive.

    And for instance in some hotels where they do a buffet breakfast add wheat flour to the scrambled egg mix to keep it fresher for longer, so you soon realise that the dreaded gluten gets everywhere.

  • I'm very experienced with gf as I've cooked for hubby for years.

    For myself I just don't do gf versions. I don't eat any grains at all.

  • Hi SF, I feel that you've taken my replies the wrong way and they're not meant to be challenging. So I'm sorry if they come across that way.

    Now if you have a salad and it is gluten free then thats a gluten version so is a cottage pie etc. And that's all that I mean with gf versions.

    Quinoa is not a grain it is a seed and a very healthy one at that, because all the food we eat is broken down into 23 base amino acids and quinoa contains all 23 so it is a complete food.

    I eat sugar sometimes and I love raspberries and I sprinkle sugar on them so to me its moderation and a balanced diet. That way our bodies are not craving nutrients.

  • Sorry by mistake deleted my reply.

  • There's Gluten Free pasta for substitution of regular pasta, for example, Silver_Fairy.

  • How many meals you have..?

  • I have three main meals and sometimes snack on fruit in between.

  • Remove the meat, oil, ghee, lard, cheese, milk and sugary drinks. None of these are healthy foods, imo. Replace them with more pulses, legumes, salad and green veg. You will never feel hungry again. And that's a promise!

  • andyswarbs

    Meat, ghee ,co, vco, evoo (etc are good oils) should be taken liberally. Milk and cheese Paneer too.

    Pulses legumes are high in carbs so better taken in less quantity.

    Fruits are considered as natural candies and should be taken in moderation.

  • Natural yogurt, Quinoa, buckwheat (I use organic buckwheat soba noodles for stir-fry from Holland and Barrett), brown rice and look at portion control rather than calorie count (also use a smaller plate - if you have a small portion on a large plate you will feel hungry). Not eating enough protein can make you feel hungry - it's been scientifically proven that protein makes you feel full for longer. Also chew more and practice mindful eating - it takes 20 minutes for your brain to catch up with your stomach.

    And make sure you are drinking enough water. Often when we feel hungry we're actually thirsty.

    My brother is gluten intolerant and I am wheat and lactose intolerant.

  • I had wondered whether it might be protein rather than carbs I needed.

  • Sugar makes you hungry so you should try and remove that from drinks if you can, I know it's difficult as I don't like unsweetened drinks but have got fruit sugar instead. Also, protein is known to combat hunger so I would eat more protein and maybe less fat.

  • Silver_Fairy

    No to sugar , potatoes and Rice. If you take healthy fats you won't feel hungry very often. But if you feel hungry take fresh coconut and nuts.

    Cut down carbs to as low as possible to avoid insulin spikes and hunger.

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