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Remember, it is not your body that controls your existence it is your brain, namely your subconscious mind. If you over eat, try to control your thoughts by immediately change your thought pattern you get the urge and substitute a different image, perhaps, if you overweight then you look like a Bond girl stay with that thought and any consequences that come to pass until the urge passes. Do this continually and the urges will disappear. (if you are a man, become your favourite 007 for a while !! - that shouldn't be a difficult distraction.

I can explain how this works if anyone is interested. dek


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4 Replies

  • I find it hard to believe that a thought contrary to the truth can be accepted. I think the brain is much cleverer than that and harder to fool.

    I would be interested to know what evidence there is behind this. How would that stop you over eating?

  • habits are hard to change. sometimes i find myself bitting my nails when i know I'm trying to stop doing this.

  • I remember being told that if you imagine/visualise something disgusting crawling over your desired food then that can nip the urge to eat it in the bud (try a cockroach or maggots). ☺️

  • That does not sound like a good idea. I can see long term problems with that strategy.

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