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heart failure

to say i was shocked when told i had heart failure is putting it mildly i was going on holiday and i didn't know why my feet were swelling i was pretty worried as i was flying that is almost a year ago now and i am overweight or to be honest i am obese and i keep trying to lose weight but it is impossible i take a few pounds off then i put ir all back on again been to all the slimming clubs going to meetings and on line i am so depressed about my weight and to top it all my hubby now has dementia at the moment i am getting my house ready for sale as i am downsizing and that is a nightmare

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Hi there! It seems to me that at present you have enough to cope with. One step at a time, have you been to speak your doctor or i take it a consultant at the hospital

I'm sure there must be support groups too as you too also need some sort of support yourself. Try not to worry 😐. It may feel all daunting at the moment but one day at a time. Wishing you all the best 🌻


Hello love am the same I look after my aunty she 84 and has dementia am obese and my feet swell and I move on Friday so I really no how your feeling but this is why where on here let's help together I was told even if you cut down and move a little more and before I eat just think how I could cut down a little our even change to health options let's keep in touch and help each other kim xxxx


hello there i was obese i was 13 stone when my doctor said I should be 10 stone so i deceided that its got to come off as its not good for my heart condition as i suffer Angina & c.o.p.d so i started to take stuff out my cupboards and give it to my friends so I could make a fresh start to lose all this weight so i brought loads of fruit as fruit is very good for you and i make smoothies every day plus i drink boiled water first thing in the morning but drink when its cool enough to drink but dont drink when its gone cold thats no good if you drink boiled water and drink it as warm as you or as hot as you can it breaks down fat in your body google it if you dont beleive me and doing that and drinking fresh fruit smoothies and eating cod and chicken & boiled pots and veg ive lost 3stone in 6weeks and also exercise every day even if just walkin as walkin is very good for you the further you walk the more weight you lose hope this helps im now 10 stone i plan to stay that way as ive had 2 heart attacks before i lost the weight as the weight caused me to have heart attacks due to being so over weight so i cant eat cream cakes or chocolate as ive had a stent fitted i was told by my hospital doctor if i eat any fatty foods i will block my stent up and have another heart attack which could be fatal next time so now i must eat more healthier and to stay away from all the bad foods its just will power to lose it and ashock knowing i could die if i go back to my old ways


I'm sorry to hear of your health worries.

In short the food you eat will be the guaranteed route to a reduction in weight. Avoid refined carbohydrates for a start; that is white bread, biscuits, cakes and other sugary snacks. Don't snack but just eat three times a day. If you have a coffee break or tea break, cut them out. A good breakfast, a light lunch and an evening meal (not too late). Always have 100% wholemeal bread. If you are able to get whole milk - not the supermarket rubbish - so much the better, so much the better, it is food.

Saturated animal fats do not block your arteries, that's a myth which was recently published in the BMJ's sports magazine.

I hope that helps a bit. Best wishes, Tibbly


I see I have repeated myself. I must pay attention! Tibbly


Hello. I am sorry to hear of your worries and I sympathise with you. You might wish to consider the benefits of a plant-based diet. My wife, and a few friends, I know, have all but abandoned slimming clubs, preferring, instead, to opt for a (mostly) plant-based diet, with superb results. There's plenty of info out there, which can, at times, seem overwhelming, but the more you look into it, the more, I feel, it will help you. Dr Ellsworth Wareham, a heart surgeon, aged 102, is a great source of inspiration, to me. Hope this helps


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