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Should i cut out fruit?

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Okay so i think i have digestion issues which causes my bloating. Yesterday i done a 24 hour water fast and this morning i felt great. I ate a small bowl of oats with almond milk for breakfast, then had some greek yhogurt with blueberries and strawberries and i felt fine. Then i had an apple. About an hour after i had the apple, all my old symptoms have come back and i'm bloated again and feel crappy. Why would an apple cause this?

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Hi healthiskey,

This article may be helpful to you - and there is a section in it about Apples specifically, so have a read and see what you think:

Hope it is helpful.

Zest :-)

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It could be the oats, I suffer dreadfully with oats if I don't drink oodles of water.... just a thought!

Don't assume that the most recent thing you ate is the cause of any symptoms. It can take many hours for food to pass all the way through the digestive system (usually at least 24 hours to go all the way) so depending on which part of your digestive system is affected that could happen quite some time after eating.

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Yeah but it seems like every time i eat fruit i get those symtpoms, specifically apples. Also the diet i was on like a year and a half ago was when i was my healthiest and i didn't eat barely any fruit on that, mostly oats, yogurt, whatever i had for dinner (which was usually fish or lean meat and veg) and more oats.

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benwl in reply to healthiskey

As might be expected, you can find every opinion you like on the Internet, from people like zoe harcombe who say that all fruit is bad because the fructose in it is immediately converted to fat by the liver, to people who live entirely on fruits.

I remember when I did the FODMAP diet for my IBS that some fruits, including apples were restricted, and they have a theory about why the specific types of carbohydrates in them could cause the problems.

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Have you seen your doctor about the digestive issues? Did they say to come in for an appointment? Please call them to set one up this week. Tell them what your symptoms are and please let us know what they end up telling you.

Hi zest

I found this article really helpful especially as I have diverticulosis. It's good to have a reminder of what is good for me and bad, I hope you're enjoying your day

Rosie xx 😊

Yep, the best way to solve the problem is to see a doctor, he will tell you how to do next.

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