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Not in control of groceries

Hi, I am very new to eating healthy, and, any help is greatly appreciated. I started by quitting soda, and, I have been going off an on, since. In quitting, though, I started to drink nothing but water, because, I feel very fragile in giving in to temptation. As I quit soda, I wanted to eat healthier. I have been reading a book for nutrition, and, going on the internet to learn what I am able to eat. The problem, though, is that I am 41 and living with my parents. My parents are pretty much in control of the groceries, and, they keep getting the stuff I don't want to eat. For Easter, they bought me a bunch of candy, and, cakes. Also, I want to eat right, but, all over the house is temptation. How do I eat right, when, the house I live has a bunch of junk to eat?

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Perhaps explain to your parents what you want to eat, & why. If they don't know or understand, they'll just keep buying the same cr*p. Maybe you can show them the book you bought, & persuade them to eat healthy food, too?

Ask them to get you healthy treats instead, such as nuts, seeds, fruit, & dark chocolate. I have these on my kitchen table, so they're the easiest thing to eat.

My holiday treat was prunes & dates dipped in dark chocolate. Just as tasty & sweet as toffees, but full of nutrients.


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