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Sprouting non-organic seeds safely?

Hi all,

So I live in a state where there is a quarantine on seeds/grains being imported, so buying organic broccoli/radish seeds is literally impossible. There is one store that sells them but they are so expensive I will not even go there. So there are a couple stores that sell non-organic versions at a fair price. I'm wondering how can I limit the risks associated with eating non-organic sprouts?


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Hi Backtobasics95,

You might find this article helpful, as it discusses seeds and looks quite interesting:


See what you think, and please bear in mind that I am not a gardener - I haven't sprouted any seeds, so don't have any experience of doing so, but I thought the article looked interesting. :-)

Zest :-)

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Thank you zest :)

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What are the risks of eating non organic seeds ? Can't you just grow them organically ?


How the hell do you grow seeds?


Grow the plants and they will eventually set seed but life is too short,

what are the risks associated with eating non-organic sprouts? I usually buy mixed bags and grow them in the stacking sprout trays, I do like broccoli and chick peas sprouts 👍


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