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Cheap foods that fill you up?

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So I'm looking for a few whole foods that are really filling and surprisingly good price. Like rolled oats. You can get a bag of that dirt cheap. Rice also. Anything else?


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Hi Backtobasics95,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum, you might find this link page from NHS Choices on eating on a Budget to be helpful:

Zest :-)

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Thank you sir

I buy 2kg bags of chia seeds, & 2.5kg bags of linseeds for less than small packs. Sometimes nuts & dates are cheaper in bulk, as are dried lentils & beans.

100% agree with you on dried lentils and beans. However I find chia seeds and lentil seeds expensive and they don't really fill you up a lot (unless you eat a lot at once).

2kg of chia & 2.5kg of linseeds are about £10~£11 each, & lasts 3 months, so not too expensive considering the health benefits.

I add about 40~50g to 300mls of kefir, & find this filling, as well as being high in nutrients. I eat this with 75g almonds, walnuts, & brazil nuts, so it's very filling with >20g of protein & healthy oils.

I have heard about kefir. I don't think I can eat it because I'm lactose intolerant :((

I'm reading those articles, thanks for sharing. And you're right, the seeds aren't as expensive as I thought. Although I am 6"4 95kg so I eat a lot, 3 month supply for you would be like a month for me max. Thanks for your suggestions anyway

The kefir lactobacillus eat the lactose to reproduce, so you may find you can eat it without a negative reaction.

My kefir, seed & nut supper is about 1,000 calories, & half my daily intake of both protein & calories, on a high fat diet. I'm 5'2" & 58kg, so you need about 3,000~3.50 calories a day. I know my calorie intake well, but prefer to count the nutrients i what I eat, as other meals are predominantly vegetables & fruit.

Do stir fry, no oil, cheap and filling, can add curry etc for more taste

Ok will do thanks!

Basically rice, quinoa, oats, lentils, canned beans and canned fish are my go-to options as they are all dirt cheap. I've also started eating mealworms and crickets. Seriously look up the health benefits of edible insects, they are loaded with protein and iron. I grow my own because it is expensive buying them

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