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Falling apart , fibromyalgia now high blood pressure cholesterol fatty liver now heart issues n I'm only 43 years old - help me

Fybromyalgia has been my everyday challenge for 4 years or more now have high cholesterol and heart abnormalities which are being investigated I'm 43 year old female and just want to be healthy again fed up being told I'm obese and should be this and that as have enough struggles everyday fed up of tablets n tests but all and every bit of help advise I welcome dearly

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Hi Blue_3008,

I would like to welcome you to the Healthy eating forum. You mentioned a range of health issues currently, and I am sorry to hear you're going through all of this, and finding the tablets and tests to be tough going - here is a link to the Healthy eating pages on NHS Choices, incase they might be helpful to you:

Did you also know there's a forum in Healthunlocked for support regarding Fibromyalgia and also one called 'Cholesterol Support' forum? There are also support forums for heart abnormalities too - so maybe have a look at the range of forums and join in with any that are helpful to you, if you want to.

Wishing you well and hope to see you around and about in the Healthy eating forum.

Zest :-)


Apart from diet changes found everywhere do yoga with peaceful mind specifically 7 pranayambreathing exercise. I am not sure how much but am sure it will be helpful. 30mins with peaceful mind and concentration on ur breath. Youtube baba ramdev an indian yoga guru with perhaps 40-50millon followers. Anyway its free at home just start with 10mins and slowly n comfortably increae.

It will Help. Try it.


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