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Healthy Eating
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How does this food plan sound

I have not started yet nor written a plan on what to eat for each meal/ingredients but after a chat with my brother who has lost 3st was given me his plan.

Breakfast- High Fibre Breakfast e.g cereal or veggy omelette

Lunch- homemade soup (flavour to be decided)

Dinner protein and vegetable packed meal

No snacks between if I get portion sizes right and use my weighing scales/spoons etc.

Drink herbal tea and water and have 1 cup of tea before bed (1 hr before no biscuits).

I have been eating the Tesco version of special k if they are ok find them tastier and not using sugar on Tesco version.

My go to foods for usual meal is nuggets/dippers though it is only a few

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Are you trying to go low carb high fat?


need to cut high fat and high carbs out


So, is that the Keto diet or Paleo?


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