Anyone tried 'shiritaki noodles' as a low calorie option?

Hi, has anyone out there ever eaten shiritaki noodles? Apparently they are just dietary fibre and contain hardly any calories.

Before I start trying to track them down I thought I'd get some reviews on them. Apparently they'd have a pasta and rice substitute version too. I first heard them mentioned on the TV programme 'obese: a year to save my life', the USA one though.

I've tracked down that they'd are sold in health food shops and online. They're quite expensive so I'd really value any feedback about how effective they are a a low calorie alternative to the real thing before I line my kitchen cupboard with them.

It'd be great to hear from you. 🍜


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2 Replies

  • They taste ok, but I'd rather spend that much money on something with more nutritional value. I suppose they'd be good for someone who has to have rice or pasta with a meal. I've got used to having fewer carbohydrate based meals.

  • Hi Sharshargabor,

    I've not tried these, and I believe the noodles are from the Konjac root? If this is the case, then you might wish to look at the potential side effects of eating Konjac root based products, as detailed in this article:

    Zest :-)

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