Good to see bread making a come-back

Good to see bread making a come-back

It's really good to see contributors starting to make their own bread instead of eating that factory made rubbish. It's refreshing too that it's wholemeal flour that is being used.

Here is an example of the loaves I make as our "daily bread". These two loaves took me just over an hour from start to finish including milling the flour from organic grain. I use the recipe at I modify the quantities a little so as to bake two loaves at a time and so save oven time; one goes in the freezer and then we thaw it at room temperature in its plastic bag for about six hours. 1200gms of flour and 800ml of water. One pkt of yeast is still sufficient. We NEVER buy bread.

Try it, just flour yeast, salt and water.

Happy baking, Tibbly


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7 Replies

  • Hi Tibbly,

    Wow, your loaves look amazing!!! This is great! Thanks for the recipe too - I'll be giving that a go sometime soon, hopefully.

    We're having a bit of a 'bake-off' here, and I know that jimtom has also been baking bread, and hopefully others will also have a go.

    I really like the lovely colour of your loaves - they look delicious!

    Zest :-)

  • I'll get my photo up shortly.

    That looks fantastic there Tibblington. 😀

  • They look lovely!! I'm gluten free and the bread isn't good!! I've tried making it and it resembled and tasted like a house brick !! Being a Yorkshire lass I miss my Yorkshire pudding so I made a gluten free one on Sunday!! It was shocking!! I really don't want to buy them because I avoid premade stuff as much as possible. But that bread brings back some mouth watering memories .

  • I am from west Yorkshire . I also miss the smell of home made bread proofing by the living room coal fire on a Saturday afternoon. Those were the days

  • Oh how lovely!! You can't beat the smell of fresh bread. I have to say my mum was a lovely cook. She knew how to cook a Sunday roast and a good meat and potato pie 😁

  • Looks good. My mouth is watering looking at it.

  • They are good looking loaves! I bet they taste amazing! :-)

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