Does anyone else have constant palpitations in this forum. I'm having trouble sleeping and awaiting investigation ct heart scan. But I just wondered if anyone had any ideas to calm them, I would be very grateful.

I haven't been weighing myself this week as this has got me down a bit. I'll join in again next week.

Have a good weekend everyone. 👍


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  • Beside any physical reason anxiety and panic attacks can be a cause of palpitations. You get palpitations, you worry about them, palpitations increase. I know it is easier said than done but try not to worry about them. Try some relaxation techniques, do some activity to take your mind off of them

    You say you are awaiting a CT heart scan, if the medics thought it was urgent (i.e. Something life threatening) you would have been scanned without delay. I hope you don't have to wait too long to have your diagnosis and hopefully, your mind put to rest x

  • Thank you annde but the consultant had me on the wrong hospital waiting list so moved it to correct one so I've been waiting 9 weeks. My dr, consultant and nurse are chasing it but no luck yet. My dr has taken me off bisoprolol as these just gave me headaches and tired and didn't stop them. They get worse when I'm tired but as I say I can't sleep sometimes because of them. They are very scary. Thank you for your advice. I will and do try to calm down. I've only had these since July and am pretty sure they are due to my husbands operations and worrying about him. Thank you again

  • Hi , try not to worry too much, it seems that palpitations are pretty common. if you've been referred for a CT scan I presume you already had an ECG , blood test and so on and they've ruled out anything urgent? Often a low dose beta blocker is prescribed to slow down the heart leading up to a scan. I just had a coronary CT scan this week ( in my case, not palpitations but breathing difficulty, unconfimed angina) . If you're concerned though, phone your doctor again or nhs helpline and see what they say.

  • Hi, elliebath, sorry to hear you have problems too I hope they sort them out soon. It's the not knowing isn't it. In my case they have found multifocal ectopics. My GP is being very good and is chasing the scan, I see him again in 2 weeks but it's an awful feeling and just wish I could calm them down as they are pretty constant.

    The GP gave me beta blockers but my heart rate dropped to 40 at times even on only 1.25mg.

    Thank you

  • Caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and many soft drinks can cause palpitations.

    I started getting palpitations in my 30's after I started drinking lots of tea. I've since realised the caffeine in the tea was causing them. I'm in my 60's now. If I have more than 2 cups of tea a day I can count on experiencing palpitations, but when I restrict caffeine I'm fine.

  • Thank you HealthSeeker7, for telling me about the tea I usually only drink about 3 cups a day, I've have found a caffeine free coke and have given up coffee. I admit I've never thought of tea having too much caffeine so I'll watch that. I've been in hospital overnight because of these palpitations, they have assured me they are due to anxiety as my heart etc are ok. Although I have multi ectopic beats all the time. Their assurance has made me feel better and I'm going to see alternative treatment to beta blockers etc when I see my GP next week. My husband has had 2 major operations this year, one only 5 weeks ago and these palpitations started at the same time so I've been told they are due to this. Somehow I've have to learn to control the anxiety. Thank you again for helping me.

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