Mum of 4 but has one over weight ☹️

We are a healthy family that does a lot of sport, but I have one daughter aged 11 that is very overweight . It's breaking my heart to see her with no confidence, low self-esteem and general fed up.

I've got her in teams where she feels valued and needed so that she gets a good few hours of intense activity, but I don't know where it's all gone wrong. #badmother 😢😢


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4 Replies

  • Saw a progr on tv about why a 20yr old couldn't loose weight, appeared she'd developed Cushing's syndrome, its all about high cortisol levels and only got help after tests and scan showed growth in her brain?!?

    Do not give up, seek help from DR until they find the answer.


  • Yes, I agree 😕 If she agrees, perhaps approach GP. It's heartbreaking seeing our children unhappy 😢If she is eating healthily and exercising she shouldn't be gaining weight.

    Best wishes

  • Has your daughter suddenly gained weight or has she always been 'a good eater' could be something to do with hormones and maybe coming up to periods etc. Age 11 can be difficult you don't want to make her feel different and sow wrong messages in her mind. Give yourself maybe 6 weeks to discreetly watch what she's eating and try to knock off the snacks and big portions and if you feel alls not as it should be then seek help from your GP.

  • A lot of girls gain weight due to hormonal fluctuations as they approach puberty. It used to be referred to as "puppy fat" and many girls lose this as they reach the end of their teens.

    It is good you have encouraged her to get involved with sport; my saving, as a teenager, was to spend every weekend up the local riding school, mucking out and generally helping with the ponies. Carrying hay-bales and heavy buckets of water - it was a great thing to be a big strong girl!

    Try not to make her feel bad as this encourages more comfort eating; just help her by praising her activities and creative moments, listening when she wants to moan and giving her a bit of space when she feels moody. You have a few tough years ahead as she develops into a young woman, but girls often become Mum's best friend again in their 20's and 30's!

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